Designed by Ultan Coyle (reigning UK 24-Hour TT Champion, 488.99 miles), the mosaic pattern you see across Rapha’s limited edition La Centieme line is made up of tiles that each represent a rider’s nickname or origin.  The collection includes a cap, jersey, musette, silk scarf, water bottle and t-shirt (not pictured here).  Pull through for more pics.


Rapha-La-Centieme-T-Shirt-RedRapha-La-Centieme-T-Shirt- Blue


Rapha’s La Centieme mosaic pattern dominates the 100% cotton, slim fit t-shirt.  The shirt is available in blue or red, sizes XS-XXL for $60 and features a reflective rear tab.

The handmade in England silk scarf shows off the Centieme pattern best and can be used as a fun TDF centerpiece as you and your friends attempt to guess which champion each tile represents at your next TDF viewing party (Rapha must have decided to highlight the positive side of the tour since there aren’t any needle tiles, kind of refreshing).
The La Centième Jersey incorporates a combination of retro and modern features such as a 39% merino wool, 61% polyester fabric blend and buttoned collar and pockets, the holes of which can be used for audio cables.  The jersey is cut longer in the front so it can be worn casually, perhaps at said TDF party.  Available in XS-XXL for $220.


  1. Did they use syringes for symbols for the tour champions that were subsequently stripped of their titles due to doping?

  2. It’s got to be kind of frustrating (but an honor at the same time) to bust your ass through school and your career to eventually get a job at a fantastic place like Rapha or Giro/Easton/Bell as a designer just to have an athlete waltz in and design something like the Empire shoes or this stuff.

  3. pointless and stupidly expensive,perfect for those who ride pointless and stupidly expensive Ti or steel bikes.

  4. Why do the Empire shoes get so much flak? When did laces stop being acceptable for use as a shoe closure? They look much more aero than most other road shoes to me, too.

  5. I actually saw someone wearing the livestrong bracelet today, so there is one potential customer. I tried to hate these products, but I could not. They seem cool to me, and I have never even shaved my legs in my life.

  6. Hey vectorbug, Ultan Coyle, is a professional designer (who busted his ass through school, and works full time for Rapha). He also happens to be an accomplished amateur long distance time triallist too.

    He’s definitely not an athlete who has just waltzed in.

  7. Oh, I really like this jersey, love the color, and the band on the sleeve, and the retro cool buttons, and the OH MY GOD WHAT? WHY IS THAT FONT ON THERE? WHY IS LA CENTIEME SO BIG?

    How did a company renowned for simple, stylish wear, let this thing get out the door?

  8. I wonder why, on the Rapha website, they refer to the material as being a “high-wicking and breathable fabric.” That turned me off of the purchase right away. Had I known it was sportwool not some recycled Coke-bottle crap I’d have bought it right away. If I want plastic jerseys, I’ll pay FAR less somewhere else.

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