Gwin's New Specialized

It seems Gwin has made a last minute decision to ditch his medium Specialized Demo carbon with the TLD custom paint, in favor of a large S-Works Demo. Gwin credits his mechanic for putting in the late hours to get everything swapped over in time for the race. After a disappointing 20th at Fort William, will this be the change Gwinny needs to get back on the podium?


  1. @efukt

    There are still people, unfortunately, who also like Hitler.

    It’s not so much that it’s hideous sh1t, it’s that you can pigeonhole the demographic of the buyer down to the lifted truck they drive; the way they wear their flatbill hats; that if they’re not mountain biking, they’re wakeboarding, being towed by a ski boat that is playing either Creed or Nickelback or Sublime from the mast-mounted Rockford-Fosgate speakers; that there are at least 17 cans of Monster Energy within 12 feet; they have a girlfriend named Rhonda or Becky; they own at least three Travis Pastrana posters, which they keep in the garage near the 69 Camaro they’re restoring; and, last but not least, they always wear black shoes with black socks.

  2. @Patrik, sounds like life in the I.E. is getting you down, don’t hate on your fellow residents because you can’t afford to live closer to the beach. You know the beach, the place where people surf, wear flip flops, drive Toyota Prius’s AND wear Troy Lee stuff. By the way, digging my TLD SE Pro gloves, even where them when racing the road bike.

  3. @patrik
    Comparing the TLD Demo buyer to hitler? Specialized comes to us to create a super wild, limited edition frame graphic, we give them what they ask for, the frames sell out, the buyers of those frames are riding them and enjoying being a little bit different.
    You hate it, you hate the people that enjoy it, seems silly doesn’t it?

    Remember, its just a bike, and just a paint job.

    Try to go enjoy life a little today.

  4. I didn’t see any evidence of Patrik not enjoying life.

    Apparently if someone disagrees with The Stik, they’re angry and hating life. What a nice world …errr… bubble he must live in, that Stik.

  5. Gwin is fast but I think Gee is faster because his team is taking in mind air dynamics. The fury frame has angles to reduce air resistance & Gee is thin + wears tight shirts that reduce air resistance as well.
    These things are critical on road races, so why not on MTB DH races. They help you gain at least a second, which is very critical . Just a thought.

  6. Gotta love the “wait for VDS, Gwin will be back” comments seen around the globe … well we’re still waiting ! That was suuuuuuuch a bad idea to switch from Trek to Specialized (bike related, I won’t comment on the team/manager/mechanic)….

  7. Whether it’s a terrible bike, or whether Gwinn just didn’t do the work in the off season the whole debacle is shaping up to be a s**t sandwich without the bread for specialized. On more positive notes, that GT Fury is a obviously a very very fast bike! Hats off to GT for hiring the right engineers and riders to get the job done in wild style.

  8. @Patrik
    Don’t be hating on the ’69 Camaro; everything else you said is spot on but I can’t allow you to talk about my dream car like that.

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