Fizik Test Saddle Womens

Fizik has offered women’s saddles for years, but unlike the men’s saddles until now there was no test ride program. Due to the personal nature of saddles in general, a test ride program can mean the difference between finding the saddle you love or a very expensive paper weight. Along with the current saddle test ride program, North American retailer will now have the option to offer Fizik’s most popular women’s saddles for testing.

More on the Fizik Arione Donna and Vesta after the break.


As the women’s version of the popular Arione, the Arione Donna is slightly shorter and wider towards the rear at 285mm long and 145mm wide. The Donna weighs 189g and is built with K:ium rails, a Microtex cover and a pressure relief channel.


The Vesta is a wider and shorter than the Donna at 270mm long and 150mm, and features a deep pressure relief channel. At 249g, the more padded Vesta is a great choice for more upright positions compared to the Donna.


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