It’s probably not what Wilier had in mind when they named their women’s specific bike Stella, but it’s hard not to think of Seinfeld when seeing it. Instead of the name of Jerry’s aunt, Stella is a new bike from Wilier marking their first bike devoted to women. Essentially a women’s version of the men’s Izoard XP, the Stella carries a compliment of parts tuned specifically to women’s needs and of course a “women’s” paint job.

Wilier Stella Womens Bike4

There is a lot of talk about whether a women’s specific bike needs specific geometry, and in the case of Wilier their answer is no. The Stella has the same frame and fork as the men’s Izoard with the same geometry, but only comes in an XS, S, and M.

STella Geometry

Those sizes roughly translate into a 41.6, 45.08, and 47.04 from the center of the BB to the center of the top tube. To make up the discrepancy in sizing between men and women, the Stella includes compact bars, shorter stems, women’s saddle, and a custom FSA Gossamer Wilier crankset.

Wilier Stella Womens Bike3

The monocoque carbon frame features Wilier’s WMS carbon technology as well as a monocoque carbon fork with aluminum steerer- both designed to create a race ready bike with plenty of comfort. Wilier sees the Stella as the perfect bike for entry level female racers who want a lightweight race machine, but still want to be comfortable in the long haul. Built with an 11-28 cassette and compact crank, the Tiagra drivetrain will provide plenty of gearing for the steepest hills.

Stella will retail for £1,599.00 or about $2,500.

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    • @wamshitley, good call. The “first Women’s specific” part was straight from Wilier’s press release though.

  1. Women’s paint colors are always so insulting. and lol @ “specifically to women’s needs” which I assume means different size bodies (which of course men have short arms, legs, and torsos). Cervelo is really good on this issue. Like, if the bike has the same geo as the “men’s model,” why not market it as a bike for people who ride and like bikes. Maybe feature a women in your ad on a black bike. it’s like “women’s cycling gloves” which are really just small purple gloves. just make small gloves for everyone in lots of colors.

  2. tiagra? their website shows ultegra, and the bikes we have on the floor at my shop are ultegra as well. it’s a bit heavy for a $2500 bike though, and that’s common with wilier. doesn’t sell quite as well as specialized.

  3. Double check your press release Zach. The only Tiagra parts lists on the Wilier website are the cassette and chain. The front and rear mechs and brifters are all listed as being Ultegra.

  4. Surely what would make it women-specific was if the geometry was changed specifically for women. Otherwise all I see is a small road bike with a bad paint job and average parts spec for the money. A triumph of marketing over actually doing something.

  5. Because it is so much easier to change colours than crank length. As you can see in the picture, the cranks are way too long. An S or XS frame with 170 mm cranks is insane. But who cares about ergonomics when you can have a nice paint job?

  6. Yep why do women’s bikes always come with crappy cheap components and little choice to upgrade. The colours are for kindergarten kids. What are their designers thinking. Is this why we don’t get enough women cycling?
    Service for women in cycling shops is also insulting like they don’t know anything. They also spend money, jerk in certain Geelong cycle shop obviously thought not. His loss I can spend money somewhere else.

  7. I love Wilier, I have the Izoard XP and I love the red and black. I hate most “women specific” colors, and always have. Every brand out there thinks women only want to ride pale blue, pink, or purple bikes. How about giving women an option to have the SAME color scheme as the men on a women’s specific frame? That might be nice for a change.

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