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No. 22 Bicycles, whose name comes from the periodic number for titanium, recently started shipping their Great Divide road frameset (including Enve 2.0 tapered fork, Chris King i8 headset and Thomson seatpost clamp) and Little Wing track frameset at introductory prices of $2499 and $2099 respectively.  No. 22 is a Toronto, Canada based company who worked with Lynskey Bikes to offer these Canadian designed, American made frames from 3AL/2.5V aerospace grade titanium.  Click through for more pics and details.

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The Great Divide comes in sizes from 52 to 60 and boasts the comfortable ride of classic titanium frames with a few modern design characteristics, such as “Swaged chain stays and an oversized, bi-ovalized down tube [. . . ] a PressFit 30 bottom bracket shell to provide stiffness [ . . . ] An oversized head tube [ . . . ] Tempering these characteristics are a svelte seat tube and seat stays.”  Complemented with the included carbon fiber Enve fork, that sounds like a pretty fast, smooth ride.

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One of the first things you’ll notice about the Little Wing is the bespoke titanium and Enve clamp integrated seat mast combining the simplicity and power transfer necessary in a track frame.  The Little Wing is available in sizes from 52 to 58, has a 68mm English threaded BB shell, and 44mm internal diameter headtube (for 1 1/8″ headsets and steer tubes) so finding parts to match should be a cinch.  As far as construction, No. 22 Bicycles claims “stout, large-diameter chain- and seat stays, an oversized head tube, and an integrated seat mast keep all contact points firmly connected and instantly responsive under maximum exertion.”   Or, in the words of Neil Young, “All her friends call her Little Wing, but she flies rings around them all.”

Both No. 22 frames come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.


  1. Lynskey is carving out a good niche for itself being the builder for hipster brands. Like the aesthetics of the road frame, but not the inflated price.

  2. I love these!! We did this sort of stuff in 1992 and more! Ours included variable internal and external wall thicknesses! Tapered seat and chain stays, ovalized chain stays, seamless tubes, unified welds, Surface tension Stress loading Shot peen finish by Rolls Royce in Derby England! … The Ti alloy wasn’t borrowed from another industry but picked out of the hundreds that where available to us and specific to the working process and required ride characteristics!… The tubes where drawn on French Lefell tube making machinery!!( only two machines in the world!! Needless to say… we can’t make them anymore 🙁 But I have three of the 1994 ATB frames 🙂 … I wish we could! But if we could? it has been estimated that they would have to retail them at about $7500 to $8000! … per frame B-/

  3. one of my favorite things in life is to see so much effort put into the branding and identity of a new ti frame company (contract made bikes of course) with decent photography only to plainly see the oxygen contamination inside the frame, showing that it wasn’t correctly purged. Glad to know they have a lifetime warranty.

  4. “including Enve 2.0 tapered fork, Chris King i8 headset and Thomson seatpost clamp”…unless you ride a 52cm frame…

  5. Thanks for the comments – all feedback is good feedback for a young brand such as ours. Just wanted to clarify a couple points:

    Mudrock- I think a you will find our price-point to be extremely aggressive in an ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison. That’s prior to the premium the finishing runs us over simple decals.

    Dizzy – That is not oxygen contamination – the welds are most definitely purged as they should be during welding. The entire frame is anodized, then the excess removed via media-blasting. What you are seeing inside the tubing is the anodized coating that has a similar, light refracting iridescence.

    CXisfun – The 52 is not sold with an Enve fork as they only make a 43mm rake in the tapered offering (for now, but in the works). 3T offers a 46mm rake which gets us into the range of trail we’re after.

  6. Hi N0-22, the frame looks great and it most definitely is priced well as steel frames are easily selling at that price point. Couple questions, How much does the size 52 road frame weigh? Is this frame considered an entry level ti road frame? any chance i can get a frame from you guys to try out?? No harm in asking right 🙂

  7. it is time for the shark to eat the boutique designed outsource production bizz model. where is the value prop in this concept?

  8. Davey – No, this wouldn’t be considered an entry level frame. For reference, it would slot somewhere between Lynskey’s Sport and Pro series. Unfortunately we don’t have a trial program at this time. Please feel free to contact us at sales at with any specific questions you might have.

    Geo – The road frame can accommodate up to a 28 tire.

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