SONY DSCSki gear, sure- but how many of you knew that Dynafit made a line of cycling clothing?  And that it was available Stateside?  Well, neither did we until a reader pointed us in the direction of the Austrian company.  Though their focus is on ski mountaineering, Dynafit have embraced multi-sport events like the Dachstein Triple, in which competitors climb 1,320m by mountain bike, hop off and climb another 400m on foot, with that topped by 800m on skis.  (That was exhausting just to type.)  The Trail Tee shown here is designed for both riding and running- and while we avoid running whenever possible, we can say that it works well so far on the bike.  Jump the gap for more!

SONY DSCConstructed of a wicking fabric, the European-made top Trail Tee has a number of features that set it apart from other technical tees.  The “athletic fit” is loose without being floppy- which suits your skinny reviewer well.  A small media player pocket sits at the right hip and is a handy spot for a couple of keys or an ID.  The shoulders feature a strap-holding silicone print to reduce the need to over-tighten hydration packs.

SONY DSCThe 1/4-length zipper has a nice, soft backing and chin-saving zipper garage at its top while a comfortable fleecy material at the back of the neck keeps packs from rubbing uncomfortably.  Below that sits Dynafit’s mascot snow lion, printed in reflective ink.  As we’ve found with our samples, Dynafit provide both EU and US sizing, with a US M (shown) being labeled as an EU L- be sure to check sizing charts before ordering.

SONY DSCAll in all, the Trail Tee is one of the nicer all-mountain/trail/Enduro tops we’ve seen in a while.  The details seem well thought out and the first few wearings have yielded nothing in the way of requests.  Will the function, construction, and European manufacture justify the Trail Tee’s $100 retail price?  Check back after a summer’s use…




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