Avid BB7S Mountain

In a similar move to the Avid BB7 SL road discs, Avid’s new BB7S Mountain disc brakes won’t blow you away with new features but they are an evolution of a popular brake. Gone is the gray and red color scheme in favor of a sleek black anodizing and black adjustment knobs. The hardware is new as well, with quality stainless bits replacing the black hardware on the previous version. Also like the BB7 SL, the BB7S Mountain brakes will include Avid’s HS1 disc rotors – though initial spec only lists 140mm and 160mm options.

Available in June, the $120 brake will ship with organic brake pads.


  1. Lucky for them they are getting this out before the TRP mountain mechanical takes over the mechanical market. The single active piston is less than ideal, too bad they did not do a real upgrade and make dual moving pistons.

  2. The big question is: is this new version significantly lighter than the old BB7? Or has performance been enhanced? Agreed that dual moving pistons would be an improvement, but safe to guess that’d mean more grams and a level of manufacturing complexity that’d raise the price a little to close to Avid’s own hydros.

  3. sram and shimano and anyone else who is a big time player in brakes wants to sell you hydraulic brakes. theyre not going to open up new tools/molds for an entry level brake. the price may not be entry – but the actual cost to manufacture and assemble this brake sure is.

    as far as sram and shimano are concerned, they could give all the mechanical moutnain market over to TRP and it wont matter – they are still and will always likely be (unless hayes decides to get their head out of the gutter) the top aftermarket and OEM seller of hydro brakes – and thats what people want on mountain bikes. mechanicals are just price point parts

    i was furious when avid went from the gen1 bb7 to the gen2 and kept the price about the same but gave you that terrible terrrrrible roundagon rotor – that was just crap. at least theyre giving you their current rotor offering with this iteration. the huge price hike for black parts and SS hardware is a bit silly though

  4. Am I the only person riding mechanical discs (both AvidBB7 and Hayes CX5) who hits the heel of my left shoe on fixed arm of the brakes where the housing stops?

    If I were the grand wizard who could have redesigned these units, I would FOR SURE have addressed this design quirk.

    Or maybe I’m the only one who has this problem?

  5. If dual piston TRP is the real deal we’ll be seeing these on e-Bay for $29.95 soon. I have a pair of BB-7’s. They’re nothing special… just OK. Avid, it’s time to step up to the plate….

  6. The black adjusters are a nice touch, but the price is a bit much. It’s nice to see the HS1 rotors instead of G2s, but the Roundagon was definitely my favorite. I’m running a pair of Roundagons (left over from some old BB7s) with Elixir CR Carbons, and they’re quieter and smoother than any other rotor I’ve tried.

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