The launch is scheduled for tomorrow morning, but Ibis couldn’t resist putting out a few more details to string it along. Judging by the video, unless it is a complete red herring the bike will be full suspension. If it is full suspension there is a good chance it will also be 650b. All will be revealed tomorrow, but if you’re wondering about the BB standard check out the photo after the break.


Many people will be happy to see a threaded bottom bracket with a splined system for chain guides. This picture was posted under the amusing title, Spliny the Elder – if you know beer, you’ll get the reference.


  1. “This picture was posted under the amusing title, Spliny the Elder – if you know beer, you’ll get the reference.”

    Pliny the Elder was a Roman naturalist and philosopher, circa 23-79AD; more likely the source for the name.

  2. @Aziraphael

    Close, but no cigar.

    Spliny the Elder IS a play on Pliny the Elder, but it’s probably a reference to the hoptastic monster brew of the same name by the local(ish) Russian River Brewery. FYI, If you’re visiting in the city of Santa Rosa (just N of San Francisco), the brewery serves good food and offers happy hour prices all day Sunday.

    /Beer Nerd

  3. @epo pusher,

    Judging by the 146/Carbine/Carbon Nomad triplet I saw outside the local chippy yesterday, *someone* can afford these things.

    Ain’t me though.

  4. Gettin’ a bit old at this point, epo.

    Don’t like the price of top end equipment? Don’t buy it. As is, there’s plenty of great bikes available at virtually all price points these days.

    If nobody were buying $3K frames, then manufacturers would be making them for very long, right? Yet they continue to release even more models. Why? <econ 101 stuff, brah.

    Who has $5K for a bike? Those who saved $50/wk for two years, those who got a good education and subsequently a good job, people who don't own cars because they like bikes better, and many many more.

    Probably not too many folks living in their parents basement, though.

  5. 160mm in 26 inch mode, 130mm in 650B mode. Pictures look like there’s a different shock mount for the top of the shock to convert the rear. I can see text that reads 650b on the alloy part.

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