The Red Hook Crit is known for being a pretty intense race as it is, but in the latest running the racing was so close the spectators could feel it. Literally.

Watch as the guy in the red and yellow jersey jumps right up, like he didn’t just cartwheel over another rider, tomahawking his bike into the crowd in the process, where’s my bike?. Not to mention the spectator in the helmet who gets hit by a rider going over the wall, only to casually keep filming like nothing happened. We just hope that everyone walked away from this crash without serious harm.


  1. Saw 3 of the 4 major crashes at this corner, CRAZY race. A rider in the first qualifying heat also wrecked in the first part of the chicane and from what i heard broke his jaw. People said part of his face was hanging like a flap.

  2. An English degree and a desire to use all yours words of the day don’t give you the authority to write that soft and hateful piece. Everyone was there by choice, and took corners too hard by choice.

  3. …and no one helped any of the cyclists who crashed by choice. The guy who went over the wall got more attention from iphones than people. More disappointed with the spectators than the race organisers.

    I agree Johnveloblake, part of racing. Know your and the tracks limits. Your choice and clearly from Laurens link only 5 had the skill and maturity to see it through.

    Reminds me of Fabian C a couple of years ago shutting down the tour stage because it was too dangerous. They knew the course ahead of time and should have prepared. Once again that’s racing (though it was a sly tactic to the Andy back into the deletion).

    Not sure what the blogger thinks was unfair about the race, same track at the same time. If the complaint is others crashed in front of them, then get to the front like the pros do day in day put when there’s a hazard ahead.

    Hopefully no one starts complaining about crashing in a downhill race because the track wasn’t safe enough.

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