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Photo submitted by Stacy Grosch. If you think you know what this part is, post your answer in the ‘comments’ section.

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  1. old campy seatpost adjuster. if you wanted to add or remove setback on a post, you’d use that thing to bend up forward or back. can’t do that with the new fancy carbon posts.

  2. That’s actually a fork leg straightener. Used that bad boy many times back in the fork bending, pre-suspension early 90’s

  3. That is the Park Crank arm straightener. The frame and fork straightener had a curved, serrated section for locating the pulling hook. Properly used, the crank arm straightener salvaged a lot of Astabula cranks. Improperly used, I watched a mechanic break the crankshaft when he tried to straighten the crank on a Garelli moped…

  4. Its a Park Eyelash curler!! If you remember back in the 80’s women were getting into the bike mechanic biz, and they need to look pretty!!

    The Campy seatpost stuff is funny.

  5. That is a Klingon War tool as Calvin at Park used to call it when he was at Barnett Bicycle Institute and I took classes from him.

  6. Yup that Park Tool crankarm straightener. I have one in my shop and use it for bending some odd shaped tubes on on the frames I build.

  7. Why would anyone think this is a crankarm straightener? Would you attempt to straighten an aluminum crankarm, and would you ride it even if you could? The only steel crankarms ever made were the old cottered variety, and they were solid steel! the odd boutique tiged cranks don’t count.

  8. I bent a ton of crap other than cranks with that tool.

    And no, like the one guy mentioned, it is not for forks. He described that tool perfectly.

    The one thing I have not bent with that tool is the unbendable campy post (The Chuck Norris of seatposts).

  9. Pulling the Old Campy Seatpost out of retirement… I started posting as campy seatpost about a year and a half ago, and went into retirement after their NAHBS coverage BRMMP post that was nothing but campy seatposts. I started this as a monday routine, I have a desk job and I work in the cycling industry, It plays more to the repetitiveness of internet meme culture than anything. I’m glad that there are people carrying on the tradition and enjoying it still.

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