Schwalbe just teased more details on their forthcoming Magic Mary and Rock Razor (the name of which come from their March name for fame search) tires as well as updates to their Dirty Dan tires.  They aren’t giving exact weights yet, but claim their new Super Gravity versions will save 700 grams off the total weight to the bike.  All four models are available in 27.5 sizing and are tubeless ready (perhaps that’s part of the claimed weight savings).  The Hans Dampf was the first tire rolled out with this Super Gravity technology.  You can read more about that update and a bit more on the Super Gravity carcass in our previous Schwalbe roundup or in Schwalbe’s Facebook post.  The new four tire line-up should cover everything from Enduro to Downhill, semi-slick to mud-slinger.  Click through for more.


schwalbe super gravity tires

The Magic Mary is the successor to Schwalbe’s Muddy Mary offering “sturdy sidewalls and they are puncture-proof like a downhill tire, but at the same time they deliver ‘much surer and responsive handling’ according to Stevie Smith, who won the World Cup in Hafjell (Norway) on Magic Mary.”  A bit more aggressive than the Hans Dampf, The Magic Mary is an all-arounder with a competition based intermediate profile and chunky shoulders for braking and cornering.

The new Rock Razor is more of a specialist tire geared around, well, rocks, of course.  It’s a semi-slick geared around fast, dry races that should also pair well with a Magic Mary or Hans Dampf on the front for more intermediate courses and enduro events.  The Rock Razor is slated to be available to the public in July.

The already proven mud specialist Dirty Dan will also get lighter and faster with the new Super Gravity carcass, Schwalbe claims.


  1. Wow. A few new models and their product line will be as complicated as Conti’s!

    Just as much as I like their tires, I’m afraid customers simply won’t know which tire to choose and they might feel like there’s no all-round tire in Schwalbe line so they’ll buy from another company.

    By the way, it’s a PITA for shops too to keep so many tires in stock as well.

  2. [deleted] video.

    they could have just said: “we copied the good all michelin”, and make a video of 5 seconds. done.

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