A sampling of the Embacher Collection opens today at the Portland Art Museum, located in downtown Portland, Oregon, is up-and-running until September 8th. Furthermore, Portland is the only town this side of the Atlantic chosen to host Michael Embacher’s epic collection.

The Embacher Collection is the center piece of a book and iPad app titled “Cyclopedia – Iconic Bicycle Designs.” Last Thursday morning I was able to sneak myself into the museum and sneak a few pictures out.

Click through to see whats hanging around.


Michael Embacher is, by trade, an exhibition designer, architect and inventor. The exhibit which he helped curate is both simple and complex. Simple in that nothing touches the ground, aside from the number plates corresponding with an index of bikes on the wall. Complex in that everything hangs from a twisted, winding aluminum “I” beam which routes you through the room.


I also learned of several Cyclopedia based events happening around the Museum and Portland in general. Vanilla Cycles will have bikes on display in a few hotel lobbies around Portland, several respected bike personalities are offering guided tours of the exhibit and is the starting point of the World Naked Bike Ride. The Portland Art museum is discounting admission to the exhibit, for Saturday only,at the rate of $1 per article of clothing. Shoes are mandatory so the minimum is $2, with regular admission running $15. View events calendar here.


Nutcase Helmets even produced some helmet art for the event, and for Portland’s Pedalpalooza.

Take a peek at the gallery below and if you cant make it to Portland but own an iPad I strongly urge you to download the app here. Its amazing. If you’re planning on visiting the Pacific North West this summer, schedule an afternoon for this!

Thanks to the Portland Art Museum for the press access, and a big thanks to everybody who brought us this little bit of the Embacher Collection!


  1. Great pics, but some viewer/album function on your site would have been nice. I click a picture, it gets a BIT bigger, I click it again too really see something, then I go back two steps, and again…
    Why nod provide some next/prev buttons?

  2. Excellent post! I thoroughly enjoyed the book, lived in PDX as a teen and discovered bicycles there. Long before it became the “Mecca” for cyclists. Really looking forward to visiting the show.
    Love your site, keep up the good work!

  3. Forget the iPad app, just get the hardcover from the library and enjoy the tactile experience of old bikes on real paper. I live in Beaverton so we’re planning to visit later in the summer, and I have the book checked out from the library now.

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