Eliflap Di2 Disc Road Bike (2)

After finishing up his 16lb Di2 equipped Flash 29er, Andrea seems to have turned his sights toward disc road.The pictures may be a little rough, but don’t let that take away from the bike especially because it’s one of the first we’ve ween with Formula’s RR1 Di2/hydraulic levers outside of Colnago. According to Andrea, this is just a “test” build and “some parts are cheap, others expensive, and others very difficult to find… for a stealth bike.”

Check it out in detail, next.

Eliflap Di2 Disc Road Bike (3) Eliflap Di2 Disc Road Bike (1)

Likely, what everyone wants to know is how he got a hold of those brakes. We weren’t really aware that you could buy them, perhaps a take off from a Colnago? Eliflap is running the RR1s with 160mm rotors front and rear.

Eliflap Di2 Disc Road Bike (6) Eliflap Di2 Disc Road Bike (7)

The bike is build on an LTK 027 UD Matte carbon cyclocross frame which Eliflap says is 1100g for the frame, and 400g for the fork. For the crank he is using an Hollowgram SISL2 in 170mm length with Rotor 50-36T oval rings.  Xpedo Ti pedals are also included in the mix.

Eliflap Di2 Disc Road Bike (5) Eliflap Di2 Disc Road Bike (4)

Front and rear derailleurs are standard Dura Ace Di2 7970 units to pair with the Formula RR1 shifters, with internal routing. The battery is also internal which has been modified to fit into the seat tube.Wanting an actual disc brake wheelset, a custom set of brake track-less carbon tubulars was built from Far Sport, China. The rims feature a 24mm profile with no braking track, and are laced with 28 bladed spokes to 100/135mm Novatec MTB hubs front and rear. 23mm Challenge tubulars round out the hoops.

The rest of the bike including the bar, stem, headset, saddle, post, etc. were simply parts he had lying around as his desire to build up the bike and test it was too great to wait. We don’t blame him. Even so, with random parts including a cheap aluminum Syntace bar, the bike comes in at 6740g, or roughly 14.9lbs. Eliflap thinks it should be very easy to get to 6500g and maybe even 6200g (13.67lb).

Thanks again to Eliflap for sending this in. Once again, if you have a cool bike you want to be featured in our Reader’s Rides section, send detailed photos including weight, a complete spec list, and details including anything out of the ordinary to editor@bikerumor. We swear, it doesn’t have to have Di2.


  1. Aren’t those Formula levers supposed to be EPS only as well? So not only did he find a pair, but hacked them to work with Di2?

  2. Can we get some more info on the wheels? Specifically what rim is used? I checked far sports site and didn’t see any road width rims without a brake track.

  3. Eli loves to tinker but to anyone that is impressed with these bikes, wait 3 months and see what Cannondale, Giant and Scott offer as stock.

  4. frame is 53 cm
    Shifters are compatible with 7970 series only
    i asked to Far Sport directly a rim without braking surfaces , it has a weight of 240g but it0s same rim they use in their 20mm tubular wheelset

  5. Obviously a lot of hard work went into this bike whether you like it or not but this guy’s killing me with the terrible pictures. Try shooting during the day so you don’t need that awful flash and crazy noisy high-ISO? Why take a close-up detail shot if you can’t see any of the detail?!

  6. I also got hold of the same track-less rims from farsports a while ago. Did a custom build with Hope hubs and DT revs, not superlight but very stiff and handle better than any other wheels I’ve owned.

  7. Nice job Andrea. Interesting selections – always nice to see what others can dream up, and then execute! Keep it up!

  8. If he had a proper “fit” with a shorter reach bar/stem he wouldn’t have to run that lame nose down saddle position. Less time worrying about the parts and more time riding.

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