Scoped out by Saris at Sea Otter in prototype form lurking in the pits, GT has taken the wraps off the new Fury DH bike. To detail the development of the new lighter and stiffer aluminum bike, GT put together this development video.


  1. Very very nice. Like what they are doing. GT has been a name since as long as I can remember, very happy to see them pushing things forward.

  2. That’s about the least flashy bike ever, which is a good thing considering that GT’s made some really ugly bikes over the years. Glad that subtly and smart engineering choices came first.

  3. I drive seems to get a bad wrap but it is a technology that works extremely well. Nice to see a gravity specific version of it. VPP, DW, Maestro, Single Pivot’s all suffer from a degree of pedal feeback. Some of them make fantastic claims that there is little to no feed back. Idrive, Free drive, and Maverick designs actually do eliminate pedal feedback.

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