3T Ionic Stylus Seatpost range

Looking to simplify and improve its range of seatposts, 3T has completely overhauled the line up offering two distinct new families of posts. Now called the Stylus and the Ionic, each are offered in the traditional Ltd, Team, and Pro versions with the finish based on level. Stylus is the new post with a two bolt clamping mechanism with the bolts horizontally opposed and the cradle on a curved rail. The Ionic instead uses 3T’s proprietary DiffLock system which allows setback adjustments independent of saddle angle adjustments. Each post in both families will be offered in 0 or 25mm setback and in 27.2 or 31.6 sizes. 3T claims the posts are lighter than previous models and range in price from $100-$270.

For more on DiffLock, check out the strangely calming video after the break.


  1. Have checked with my LBS again this week and there doesn’t seem to be any arrival date for the Stylus-0 LTD product. Apparently it is on backorder from the distributor (and has been for 4 months now …). Same if I try and seaching any of the online websites, no availability anywhere in the world. Are 3T having production issues with this seatpost or something?

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