Sneak Peak Aaron Gwin Demo Race BikeThe first UCI World Cup DH race starts in Fort William, Scotland this weekend and Aaron Gwin just posted these images of his new race bike to instagram. Try not to drool all over your keyboard.

We spy a Carbon Specialized S-Works Demo in limited edition TLD livery, full Fox suspension kit, Renthal bars.stem, and Cane Creek Headset. This year he will also be running a SRAM drivetrain and Avid brakes.



  1. Yuck!
    Troy Lee Designs is the Ed Hardy of the cycling world. Very tacky and makes you look like a complete tool.

  2. What does how fast he is have to do with his ugly bike, or Avid brake’s lack of quality? There is no connection between someone saying “That bike in unattractive” and his ability to ride it. The only “hate” that I see is for the component choices; not surprising considering the nerdfest that is BR.

  3. Troy Lee Designs has their niche. Flatbillers love ’em. Same demographic as those who drive unnecessarily-lifted Ford/Chevy trucks with “This is America: Love It or Leave It” bumper stickers, and have empty cans of Mountain Dew in the truck bed.

  4. i ride codes on my fr/dh bike. buddy rides xo trails on his. no complaints from either of us.

    ive ridden hayes, hope, avid, shimano, and now back on avid. i dont like shimano brakes or their lever feel and will likely never go back.

    and when you are world champ – you ca nbe as flashy/gaudy as you want!

  5. @THEHATERSOFAVIDSRAMBRAKES, could not agree more. I have now had 3 pairs of SRAM XX brakes each of which has had to be replaced because the make banshee screams no matter what I do to them. I will never buy another bike with SRAM parts. XTR works perfect. SRAM sucks balls.

  6. not a fan of tld whips. the graphics really haven’t changed at all in over a decade or more. it’s kinda tired. pass on sram but thanks for dialling in saint last year, gwinny! the boy is RAPID. good luck @ ft bill this weekend!

  7. TLD bikes aren’t 90’s, they’re just tasteless (and obviously colorblind…)

    but seriously, not drooling. Special-ed bikes don’t do it for me. Neither do SRAM brakes…yech

  8. My front elixer x7 was howling, to make it go away, I just needed to hit some quality trails. I seriously did nothing else. The howling is the indignation of being ridden on a bike path or flat trail. I couldn’t help myself, it was the bike I left in my truck, and didn’t want to swap out, just ride. So to all the e-riders with brake problems, there is a solution for you.

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