Want to ride solo more, but worried a mechanical could leave you stranded? Hero kit is here to help you out of a bind. The premise behind Hero Kit is simple – pack almost everything you could need for a breakdown into a compact kit along with step by step instructions and sell it for a packaged deal to the consumer. Based on the activity and the need there are different levels of kits, every thing from $20 crash packs to the $100 Super Hero Extreme MTB kit.

The basic Hero Kit comes with everything needed to fix standard repairs such as flat tires, broken chains, loose bolts or spokes and includes a 12 function multi-tool, tire boot, spare bolts, chain links, cables, and zip ties. Everything is packed into a jersey pocket or saddle bag friendly package for $39.99.


The Basic Hero Kit contains:

  • 12 Function Multi Tool w/Chain tool
  • Planet Bike Tire Levers w/ tire patch kit
  • 24 Page, waterproof Field Repair Instruction Manual
  • 9 Speed KMC Replacement Chain Link
  • 10 Speed KMC Replacement Chain Link
  • Yelo Velo high-psi Tire Boot (torn tire patch)
  • Frame Bolt
  • Cleat Bolt
  • Multi Use wipe
  • Duct Tape
  • Emergency Rain Poncho
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card
  • LokSak

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