Adventures and bicycling go hand in hand. Two of cycling’s biggest and most popular adventures would have to be the Tour Divide and riding the entire Pacific coast highway. As a method of product development and simply supporting the epic adventures we all love, Blackburn is sponsoring the Out There adventure cycling program. This teaser introduces Blackburn brand ambassadors otherwise known as Blackburn Rangers and the uncommon adventures they will surely encounter along the way. The rest of the story will be revealed on the Out There website in July, but for now just watch the video and prepare for your next adventure!


  1. What a clever way to sell a relatively boring and unsexy product. That shake-up at Bell Sports seems to have done wonders for the company.

    Brilliant marketing – I can’t wait to watch the videos.

  2. 11:15pm, I rode amazing dirt today. Watching this video makes me want to go for another ride right this minute. I’d say they hit the sweet spot. For me anyway…

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