The new Sierra Trail Mix flavor is the first CLIF Bar flavor crafted with cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, and that’s blended in a sweet and salty mix of peanuts, raisins and seeds.

Ingredients list shown below, and each bar retails for $1.39 (suggested) and should be on shelves this month.

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  1. Had a box of these about a month ago. The ingredients go together very well, IMO better than most other flavors. Ranks right behind Blueberry Crisp and Cool Mint Chocolate for me, which were previously the only two flavors I would actually enjoy eating.

  2. I wish Clif would bring back some of their fruit flavors (e.g. Apple Cranberry Cherry). The candy / cookie flavors give me major indigestion. The only current flavor that I can tolerate is Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch.

    I’ll have to try this new flavor, it looks promising.

    Is there an exhaustive list somewhere of all the Clif Bar flavors since the beginning? I’ve searched, but have yet to find one.

  3. Looks worth a try, although I still pine for the limited edition Panforte flavor and the near unobtanium Maple Nut.

  4. Just go to your local Target, WalMart, or Cosco. They’ll have them soon and at a price that undercuts your LBS…the people that helped C.Bar get going.

    Hate Clif Bar and Powerbar b/c of this

  5. Hate Clif Bar and Powerbar b/c of this

    how dare they try and sell more of their product?!!!

  6. It’s time for Clif to figure out a new recipe that doesn’t include brown rice syrup (high concentration of arsenic) or soy (estrogen-mimicking compounds).

    They do offer the newer Kit bars which have neither of these things (and are very tasty), but the Clif bars are the volume seller as already noted.

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