Scott 3Rox Sea Otter Scale and Spark (41)

In the name of constant improvement and to keep their crank based power meters up to date, Stages has released another firmware update to fix a few bugs. The biggest of which seems to be an Apple specific bug specifically with the Bluetooth communication to iPhones which could experience data drops. Since Stages can’t access the source in the phone the bug has instead been fixed with a patch at the sensor. This also will help to improve the sensor’s functionality almost completely eliminating cadence spikes. Most of the improvements are geared toward the mountain bike side of things, but it is recommended for all powermeters. Starting on May 30, 2013 all powermeters produces after this point will have the update already installed.

More details after the break.

Stages Power firmware v2.0.12 improvement breakdown:

  • Apple BT Bug Fix
  • Elimination of BT data drops
  • Improved Cadence and Power Filters
  • Elimination of cadence and power spikes off-road
  • Improved Data Handling

Directions for updating the unit can be found on



  1. So does the Stages meter work reliably now? It got a poor review by DCRainmaker and then got blasted in the forums. I haven’t seen anything on it recently. Although I haven’t looked very hard either.

  2. They should also focus on actually responding to customer emails and calls. I don’t think i have ever endured as low-end a cs experience in the cycling industry as with Stages, and that is truly saying something.

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