stans notubes thru axle singlespeed hubs likely coming soon
Stan’s current 3.30 SS hub, only for QR.

At first, one of their sponsored athletes said they released a 12×142 thru-axle single speed hub a couple months ago. But, having not seen it in their Sea Otter booth, we asked the friendly Stan’s NoTubes folks helping out with neutral support at the Trans-Sylvania Epic if they were real.

Turns out no, they’re not available. Yet.

Details are less than fuzzy, but we’ve heard drawings are being worked up and a release is forthcoming. Are there bikes out there that can take it? Few and far between at the moment, but with so many singlespeed bikes using Paragon or similar sliding dropouts, it wouldn’t take much for appropriate parts to be made available quickly. Our guess: a handful of showcase thru-axle singlespeed bikes at NAHBS next year.


  1. The niner sir9 is 142×12 ss. Also, I think sun ringle has a 142×12 ss hub. This doesn’t seem difficult for notubes, their hubs are off the shelf anyways. I’m more surprised that they don’t already have the option.

  2. Working on it 😀

    “Chinhaur” is laser etched to some internal parts of the NoTubes Hubs… so it’s more likely “NoTubes thinks of ordering some standard Asian hubs from the catalogue” would be the better expression 🙂

  3. This article is a little confusing.
    There already is a way to have a thru-bolt on the Stan’s 3.30 SS Hub.
    Stan’s sells the end cap adapters and the DT Swiss thru-bolt 10×135, I have a bike with this set up.

    is this article referring to the lack of a 12×142 thru-axle set up???

  4. I have this set up on my carver using some Reynolds wheels. The rear end is nice and stiff and you never get any wheel slippage which can still happen with traditional skewers.

  5. Game changer? More like late to the party. American Classic has had single speed hubs for 12mm x 142mm thru and 10mm thru axle available for a while now. They also have a retro fit kit to bring their older single speed hubs up to snuff. It is nice that some manufacturers don’t believe in planned obsolescence.

  6. +1 to ringledingle

    I’m riding a Kona Big Unit with 142×12 axle (sliding dropouts) and American Classic hubs. Now I want a 15mm thru axle rigid fork. Anyone seen one of those?

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