After one of the local AM radio stations ignited the “cyclists don’t belong on the road” argument again today raising my blood pressure, stumbling across this video for me was a breath of fresh air. Thanks to Dean Saffron’s excellent short film, we get a look into the life of a bicycle curator so to speak, preserving examples of the bicycles of each generation. How cool would it be to sit down with “James” for a beer or a coffee and just chat about the history of bicycles?


  1. What a calming video break after a busy day. Let alone a day with aggressive drivers trying to run you off the road.

  2. Fantastic! This bloke lives round the corner from us, we see him regularly on one of his various contraptions. Often on his penny farthing as well! We often share a wave as we tranport the kids in our Bakfiets. Good to see. Particularly as most people in town would prefer to drive.

  3. “cyclists don’t belong on the road”. Don’t you know that bicycles belong on the sidewalk?
    Ah yes… good old US of A: Where if you ride a bike for transportation, people think something is wrong with you.

  4. “The whole thing about bicycles—have fun. You know? It’s one of those childhood things, that you know? You’re on a bike. You’re liberated from everything else. You can’t do anything else when you’re on a bike. You’re in a, in another world…a free world, by yourself.” —James Macdonald

    Well said James, well said.

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