Virtual Ride

Talk about next level mountain bike trail maps. Thanks in part to a partnership with IMBA, MTBProject’s free advanced trail directory should take some of the guesswork out of finding your next ride. Built on a social media platform, users are able to upload rides that include GPS tracks, maps, elevation totals, reviews, and pictures. Other riders can then search by trails, cities, or states to find the trail they’re looking for along with need to know information that would normally require a local’s knowledge. There is also a virtual ride feature (shown above) that takes you along the route with images others have taken shown on the route. Mobile apps are available for both Android and iPhone devices so you can get the info while at the trail head.

MTBProject is still in Beta, but over 3,000 miles of trail have been added in the last month. Download the app now, and start adding your local trails!


  1. I hope it quickly gets filled with unmapped trails in my area. It sucks having to know the secret handshake to get access to illegal trails.

    Most people will already know all the legal ones in their area anyway–to that end, this app is useless. But if it gets populated by top-secret, backcountry, pot-farm-approaching singletrack, I’m downloading now!

  2. Is there a way to import all the work that has been done with open streets maps? This is where the it is at for having Mt. Bike Trails in your area. I have added Hundreds of miles of trails in the Washington DC area. This is the future cause you can use mapping programs to then do your routes. Just look at Street on any Mapping site.

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