Joystick DH Carbon

Since first introducing their very first product, the Analog Carbon, Joystick has launched a line of saddles and aluminum bars as well. After nearly 2 years in the making with multiple molds and test facilities, Joystick is finally ready to introduce the new Analog Carbon DH bar. Built at a full 800mm wide, the carbon bar is said to weigh 223 grams with a 6/9° up/back sweep and a 20mm rise.

Pre-order details, plus an incredible video after the jump.

To pre-order your Analog Carbon DH, send an email to


trail eagle



linden feniak

doerfling showing his new team mate how to relax on a shoot

team sponsors

Thanks to our Sponsors for helping us make this happen and to everyone for their support!




  1. I’d love to see the out-takes where the 800mm wide bars slam against the trees and they face plant. Some very very close calls in that vid.
    Was speaking to DH racer recently who said his 800mm bars have made him much slower because he’s scared he won’t fit through the gaps anymore.

  2. I need start making 1000mm bars. Someone’s going to make it, might as well be the first. METERBAR PATENT PENDING!!

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