photo 1

Up close photo of the pivot points after the break.

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photo 2


  1. It’s not as much recumbent as it is a very relaxed “seat tube angle” with the addition of a backrest…

  2. The rider must need the extra grip given by those awesome Odyssey triple traps to risk guaranteed extremely bloody shins. Towing 19 cats has to be tough work.

    @Julien M – Isn’t that kinda the definition of a recumbent?

  3. I don’t think the bike needs front suspension with how long the pole is coming out of the top. Sorry but in this case I was unsure of what to call it but the amount of flex it would have,,, KICKASS!!!

    I also like that it has loads of road grim on it , Well used and well loved!!

  4. The public demands a comprehensive build sheet. This will not stand as just a minor “Pic of the Day”, an article must be published.

  5. Can it really be considered a trike when it has 7* wheels? Or are the 4 at the back not in contact with the ground?

  6. The 4 wheels in the back are just a part of the wheelie bar/rear cage rack combo so they don’t really count. Still a trike.

    May the Recbegossemon live forever.

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