Expecting the full suspension bikes Giant has been teasing? Not yet. Though it does appear that Giant is fully embracing 650b with a new line of hardtails that materialized on their site. Both the men’s and women’s models feature aluminum ALUXX frames built around a 100mm suspension fork with various levels of trim.

Check out the new Talon 27.5, next.

As one of the places 650b will likely catch on, entry to mid-level 27.5 hard tails will offer slightly better roll over than their 26″ counterparts, yet will have lighter wheels and tires than 29″ (apples to apples), which are both good for anyone just getting into mountain biking.


Talon_27.5_5_Black_72dpiWIDE Talon_27.5_4_black_Web

We’re going to assume that there will probably be more models offered as the year turns, though for now the Talon 27.5 includes a 5, 4, and 1 model shown above. Sitting next to the Talon 29 in Giant’s line up, the builds dive all the way down to the $570 mark with the disc equipped Talon 27.5 5. The $700 4 steps things up a bit with a better suspension fork and hydraulic discs, with the Talon $1380 1 jumping into the enthusiast category with a Rock Shox 30 Gold suspension fork, and an XT/Deore 10 speed drivetrain with Shimano M395 hydraulic brakes.


The Talon 27.5 will be offered in S, M, L, and XL sizes that all feature a 70° HTA, and 73.5 – 72.5° STA.

Tempt_27.5_5_Black_72dpiWIDE Tempt_27.5_2_charcoal

The Tempt comes in a few different models than the Talon with the top end $1700 0 shown above, and the $1,175 2 and $570 5 shown above. Unlike the Talon, the Tempt will only be offered in XS, S, and M which correspond to a 14, 16, and 18″ frame.

Thanks to Ted for the tip!



  1. So, I’m surprised nobody has said this yet, the Talon 1 seems to be missing a front rotor.
    But I am also quite in support of 27.5 hitting the common persons market. I really think 27.5 should be aimed at people under 5’4″ and ride style.
    Giant, I feel like many of your bikes are ugly, but you just won many points in my book.

  2. Bikes look great. Has a Trek dealer I hope this is what Trek has planned also. I would love to see all 3 and 4 series bikes change to a 27.5″. Good job Giant for making these models and being a leader (for the big brands to follow).

  3. Doesn’t make sense to me at all. Spesh have proven that you can make 29er hardtails right down to very small frame sizes. There are some very short female racers out there doing great on there small framed 29er hardtails. Only Absalon seems to be following the 650b route.
    Beginners and shorter people will also appreciate the 29er. The 650b should be for the longer travel market or not at all.
    Bikes should have the biggest wheel that can sensibly fit.
    Or buy a BMX.

  4. @kevin…Nailed it couldnt be more spot on.

    Giant are a joke of a brand, the best marketing company-worst bicycle company!

  5. @Kevin, Absalon is on a 29er, Nino Schurter is on the 650b. Both riders are a level above the other elite riders in technical terrain, which tends to fuel the 29 vs 650b debate.

  6. As a buyer for a Giant retailer this move makes little sense to me. Dont plan on stalking these. This isnt the target market for 650. Longer travel mountain bikes and womans bikes are really the only places for 650. Stalking parts for these bikes is more trouble than its worth.

  7. 650b and 29er testing suffers from the nocebo effect: People think whatever issue they have is ameliorated by riding a 650b.

    I am working on an experiment in which I will have test riders wear visors that prevent them from looking directly below them (i.e., their bike). I will then switch out bikes and have them ride different terrain. They will either be on 26, 650b, or 29ers. I will have them ride a particular stretch of terrain, then feedback on how the ride was with the given bike.

    I will get three different responses as I switch out the bikes.

    At the end I will tell them that I never switch bikes, they rode 26″ bikes on all three attempts, and that they’re falling victim to internet chat room sensationalism and “bro” chats at the trailhead while drinking overly-hoppy beer.

  8. p.s. Can I be one of your test riders that gets to ride a 26″ bike on your obstacle course while wearing an upside down visor and drinking good beer? Sign me up!

  9. As a person of 5’6″ stature and aggressive riding, if i could muster it, I want a 650b hardtail over a 29″ hardtail. I want a 69 degree head angle, 1×10 and a bike that can still ride for 30 miles of singletrack aka not overly stiff or garbage plush either. Aka 853 steel.

  10. @jonny– i think the word you are looking for is “stocking” not “stalking” just a friendly spelling reminder there…

    @patrik–exactly 100% for sure, spot on.

    @bin judgin– i am sure there are plenty of frame builders out there to help you, but its gonna be a little more spendy and a little more pre-ride effort than just walking into your giant dealer and buying a 1000 dollar bike

    @Giant, if you are reading this, 27.5 bikes for the masses is a great idea! As a previous shop owner and dealer of Giant, I really think you are going after the right market… someone who is buying a first mtb in the 500–1700 dollar price range really wants to be cool, and this gives the retailer something fresh to talk about, and quite possibly a selling point to close the deal over other brands. HOWEVER, these bikes look pretty janky in these photos… like, make-me-cringe janky. Maybe it is just these photos, who knows? But these bikes dont really conjure up any emotion, style, or spark. Just rehashing the same graphics, and mounting up 27.5 wheels.

  11. Now that the 650b is here to stay it is so funny to me that the debate has now shifted from 26vs29 over to 27.5/650b vs 29….they are all bikes pick what you like they are just options that’s it. No one gets pissed over all the drive train options or fork options or wheels why cuz it’s more choices. Same thing here. The way I see it it’s a big wheel option not for those not sold on 29 and a big wheel options for guys like me who are large for long travel bikes. But the end all be all is to get more people involved in our great sport as a giant dealer employee can’t wait for these to hit the floor.

  12. Ajax, on this kind of bikes thru-axles are not necessarily the best idea. It increases the price, and mounting any kind of trailer (BOB Yak-style or Charriot-style) is a hassle with a thru-axle. I guess these are the reasons why Giant does not build the Talons with thru-axles.

    Expect some other brands to come with loads of 650B bikes for 2014, by the way. And not just in the fully-suspended 140mm+ range. The push from the industry is quite substantial, I was surprised myself how fast even not overly innovative brands are going to drastically change their line-up.

  13. Although I will never buy a Giant again because of their reliability, it’s good to see another big brand releasing medium sized wheel stuff.
    I’m 100% sure my next xc bike will be 650b and I’m 6’1″.

  14. I don’t mind reading about the 29 vs 27.5 vs 26 argument and having never embraced the 29’er, I do think that 27.5 is the best option.

    What bothers me most is the atrocious spelling in some of the comments here. If you can’t spell, you should be prevented from leaving comments. Get the Google chrome browser if you must, it includes a spell checker.

    “Don’t plan on stalking these…” Come on! that’s an easy one, you included it wrong twice.

  15. skill>wheel size. end of story. if you can’t rock it on a 26. you can’t rock it on ANYTHING anyway. not to say 26 is the magic size at all. it’s like people who can’t bunnyhop without being clipped in. guess what? you can’t bunnyhop. skill>wheel size.

  16. Everyone,

    I have had the pleasure (and headaches) of being a bike shop owner for the past 6 years and have owned and ridden a huge number of bikes in all different wheel sizes. They are all legit! If you don’t understand that, then you never will. Ive ridden great bikes from almost every brand. There are differences between the wheel sizes that one can notice but they are small and always secondary to the overall design (geometry, purpose, etc..) in determining how a bike rides. I have noticed that where you live and ride also makes a huge difference on what types of bikes, and wheel sizes, you prefer- this is particularly evident when you spend any time reading comments on bike websites.

    @Raff – You don’t know what you are talking about with Giant. We have been a Giant dealer and we have also not been a Giant dealer. Complaints are easy to make about and larger company, but Giant makes a fine frame- and they make most of the other large companies frames too.

  17. Who cares what wheel size is actually better or worse, it’s all about the experience a rider wants from their bike and ride. Oh and from a retail stand point try fitting people who are 5’2″ on a small 29er.

  18. I think this is a great way to end the 26vs27.5vs29 debate. Just do one wheel size for the entire line, nail the geometry, and Maestro suspension is already stellar. I’m sorry Raff, you really must have no clue about the difference between proper R&D and marketing (Giant historically hasn’t spent a ton on their marketing budget, substantially more goes into designing and making their bikes) so I’m going to assume you don’t work in a shop or I pity the customers who seek your advice. I personally just had a great weekend at Downieville watching a guy on a very expensive 5in travel 29er still unable to clear sections of trail that me and my buddies did fine on with our 26″ bikes. As we all know, a good bike can only help so much.

  19. @jonny–“wont” has an apostrophe… sorry, I couldn’t resist that… seriously, though, you are right after all–this is just a bike forum.

  20. @Rob thanks for the response of strange nature. Actually it will be as easy as buying the Kona Explosif and going to the trailhead.

  21. Am glad giant made 650b at such a rock bottom price. It’s a good way to give 650b a try, without dropping a small fortune.
    Right now pretty much all 650b are at premium prices, so I think this is a good move by giant.

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