A few weeks back, we got a call from Tim at K-Edge saying they had something new coming, noting that the recent flood of plastic out-front style cycling computer mounts had not gone unnoticed. With most of those now retailing for $20 to $30, we were thinking they might be launching a more cost conscious iteration below their $49.99 Garmin Edge mount.

Quite the opposite. The new “Pro” K-Edge Garmin mount is an updated, better version that builds in computer versatility.

The original model (reviewed here) used an all alloy, three-piece twist-and-click base that the computer locked into, and the beam slid fore/aft to let you bring the smaller Edge computers closer to the bar. The new model is a two-piece design, sort of. It loses the sliding feature by creating a one-piece beam plus a second piece for the top of the handlebar clamp. Both are CNC machined from aluminum. The real newness comes in the way the computer mounts…


By using an “advanced injection molded” insert, the platform works with all Garmin Edge and Forerunner computers out of the box. You simply unbolt the insert, rotate it and bolt it back in.


No doubt this design could lead to inserts for other cycling computer brands, too, though there’s no official word on that.

Full specs are:

  • Compatibility – 31.8mm diameter handlebars
  • Supported Computers – Garmin Edge 200, 500, 510, 800, 810 & Forerunner 310XT, 910XT
  • Weight – Less than 32 grams
  • Colors – Anodized Black, Red, or Gunmetal
  • Warranty – All K-EDGE products are
  • guaranteed to perform for a lifetime
  • CNC Machined 6061 T6 Aluminum Platform
  • Made in Boise, Idaho, USA
  • Price – $49.99
  • Available July 1, 2013


It’s shown here with the new Garmin 510 (left) and 810.




  1. These look nice, I supposed, but can someone tell me, what is wrong with the stock mount? I’ve been using it on two bikes for the past year with no problems.

  2. There is nothing wrong with Garmins stock computer mount. However having switched from a stem mount to an out front style mount (BarFly), I can say the computer is much easier to read even having only moved a few inches forward. I would recommend trying one.

  3. ahole – the original k-edge used metal nibs (or what ever you want to call them) to hold in place the garmins tabs. I know of some riders who have had the tabs break on their garmin and it’s believed to have been caused by the metal nibs on the k-edge.

    K-edge say reports of this are rear, but obviously with this product release (which looks like it uses the official garmin insert, it’s clear it was a problem.

  4. The original k-edge was voiding ppls warranties with garmin – the plastic insert of this version with hopefully get around this.

  5. Garmin has also had problems with tabs breaking with even the standard mounting pre “up front mounts”, but to start with metal on plastic was never a good combination!

  6. Although I’m a bit embarrassed that I spent as much as I did on the first generation model, I must say I love the product, as having the computer out front makes it much easier, and perhaps safer to use. Fortunately, I haven’t had any of the described plastic on metal issues, but the plastic interface makes much more sense. Nice upgrade all around from a quality company.

  7. I have the original CNC mount. My Edge 500’s tab broke off. garmin charged me $95 for an out of warranty replacement 500. I’d welcome plastic on plastic. I was planning to switch to Barfly.

  8. Afraid the Edge 500 is going to look daft hanging way way out in front of the bike!

    We have the original K-Edge, so I like the move to plastic insert…

  9. I have been using the original K-edge until now. Have not had any problems with the garmin, but has shaved a little bit of plastic off the base….Just to be sure I stopped using it to prevent the Garmin from braking..
    Not going to invest in this new type K-edge because I believe that the company should recall the first generation mounts…Very good quality but overpriced to spend 40-50euros again…
    I just ordered the barfly 2.0….

  10. I have the first generation mount and yesterday when I was flying down hill the part that holds the garmin came apart from the part that is on the handle bar. Does anyone know how I can contact the company to get it fixed. I did find the piece that came off and fortunately I had forgotten my garmin that day.

  11. I’ve been reading these comments about the first k-edge.. have to wounder on human error here I have the 800 n use it just fine w the original k-edge. People like to “bash” n ruff house parts n you wounder why things break or shave off…its all in how you take care of your equipment.

  12. I have the original K-edge mount and like comments above have broken 2 Garmin 800 locating lugs off the back. It stands to reason that aluminium is tougher than plastic and when you get vibration, bumps etc the shock will travel through the bike. With a metal to plastic contact, the material without a way of absorbing shock will simply transfer that to the material that does. I firmly believe the aluminium holder caused the problem on both occasions and the new product only strengthens that belief.

  13. I emailed K-Edge about the 1st generation shaving plastic off the Edge. Their returns policy is to offer one at a discounted rate ($18 saving) which is useless to those in the UK as the $15 shippings means it is the same price in the UK elsewhere. Oh and they expect you to damage your old mount beyond repair before giving you the code. Needless to say I won’t be buying another one, as good as they look, and their revised version may have solved he problem, I’m not paying for a new one, when the old one damaged my Edge.

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