Helios integrated handlebar and stem with integrated lights and tracking GPS system for iOS iPhone

The entrepreneurs at startup Helios have fabricated a novel product designed for increasing on-road safety. Two distinct, integrated handlebar/stems, geared towards city riders, offer Bluetooth enabled, multi-functioning, integrated lighting.

LED lights housed front and center within the stem cast a 500 lumen beam of light on the road ahead. Additionally, rear-facing, multi-color (RGB) LED lights housed within the aluminum bars keep things entertaining with three modes of operation.

The rear LEDs can function as turn signals activated by tactile buttons on either side of the integrated stem. Alternatively they can act as a speedometer, with the rear-facing LEDs changing in color as they communicate with your iPhone’s GPS via Bluetooth 4.0, allowing for real time visualization of relative speed. And for fun, the third mode allows for fully customizable, ambient lighting to cast a personalized glow to your night riding, all controlled by Helios’ iOS app, “Helios Connect.”

As if these functions were not enough, the guys at Helios decided to take it all a step further. Hit the jump to see how your Helios equipped bike can “see” you approaching, and fight theft…


With your Helios handlebars capable of communicating with your iPhone, your bike can now “light up” when it senses your approach, and “shut-down” when you walk away – you’ll never inadvertently leave your lights on again.


Perhaps the most pragmatic of Helios’ integrated functions is its reserve battery that powers a GPS tracking device within the handlebar, allowing the owner to receive SMS text messages relaying the coordinates of the bike, as well as a Google Maps link to its location (this function requires the insertion of a pay-as-you-go SIM card).

Helios states that even in the event a bike thief removes the lithium ion batteries (capable of powering the full lighting-system for seven hours), the tracking system remains powered by the reserve batteries for up to fifteen days. Thieves won’t stand a chance.

Helios bars are being featured on Kickstarter until June 19th for the promotional price of $219, shipping included. Estimated delivery is Dec. ’13.



  1. I like the idea (especially the turn signals) but one of the problems with powerful lights is their tenedency to blind oncoming cyclists when on unlit bike paths (typically a situation where you need the bright light). I really like my Light & Motion Urban 550 and its ability to illuminate a dark path, but it also has the ability to swivel so that when someone is approaching I can point it off to the side so they’re not blinded. Here, you’d have to put a hand over it or turn it off.

  2. I was hoping their method of fighting thieves included an integrated tazer. If somebody grabs the bike without the right code – ZAP!

  3. Gregg I like your thinking. I’ve always thought of the idea that you need a transponder ring (a mobile phone would do the job, unless it’s out of batteries) to ride a bike. If you don’t have your transponder ring on and ride the bike for more than 60 seconds a bayonet is ejected out of the seat post and through the saddle via compressed nitrogen (so very forcefully).

  4. The taser idea is one I have considered before as well. A few 9volt batteries on a plug under the seatpost in the seat tube, then have then run lead wires up to the gonad area of the seat. Turn it off and on by rotating a dummy water bottle cage bolt. Crummy theives will start being just as scared as bike owners once they know that we are fighting back.

  5. im i the only one who hates the way the drops are shaped?
    i like the ejector seat/harpoon idea though. gruesome and effective

  6. If I were these guys, I would scrap the lights and sell the GPS tracking system as a stand alone accessory. That is where they hit the nail on the head I think.

  7. From their Kickstarter proposal….

    “About 4 months ago, we flew out to Shenzhen, China, the manufacturing capital of the world”

    So this is what it has come to…China is now the manufacturing capital of the world(?), & they probably never even considered domestic sourcing.

    My question..do they expect to be selling to Chinese commuters because when ALL the manufacturing ends up there..no one here will have a job to buy their stupid crap..

    Now let me go barf…

  8. these designs are examples of how certain approaches towards integration require concessions from adjustability and thus, limit the possible applications, or effectiveness. The same could be said for the brutal theft deterrent system proposed in a comment above.
    Separating the distinct functions among discrete accessories would broaden appeal, for sure. It’s understandable how urban specific cycling inspires designs that integrate functions, but narrow down possible applications, and consumers of these sorts of products are known for adapting and modifying products anyway. For this product, the promotional price seems to be a great value if the product is exactly what the customer wants. I couldn’t use it on any of my three bikes, though; I use a different part or accessory for each function (I have a lojack in my car, but not on my bike, IIRC, and no bluetooth integration at all).

  9. @Nativist: China, specifically Shenzhen, has been the manufacturing capital of the world for some time now… and the world has not ended. All the manufacturing has ended up there, and guess what? People still buy made in China stuff all the time. Of course, they all have service jobs…

  10. Man, I REALLY like the idea, and the price is reasonable for what you are getting. However, I am EXTREMELY picky about: 1) the length of my stem, 2) the angle of my bars, 3) the width of my bars, and 4) the angle of my headlight.

    They really need to figure out how to work in multiple sizes and adjustability into this product before I’d buy.

  11. Agree with Frank, love the idea but would have to have a pair in the hand and have a look at angles and feel. Also due to size of my rear end the lower lights would’nt be of much use.

  12. Ditto JimmyZ:

    Helios – please make a stand-alone GPS tracker I can drop inside my seat tube or wedge in my steer tube (hidden). Helios, BikeSpike – all worthless if the thief just chops the gps off and dumpsters it…

  13. Hey Nativist.
    There is no where to manufacture bars at volume in North America.
    unless you have discovered the Sasquatch of manufactories and if you have i want their number.

  14. I read in the comments on the kickstarter site that the drop bars maybe revised to more standard drop bar shape. It all depends on manufacturing costs. Right now the design stands as pictured for ease and cost of manufacturing.

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