Wll's Niner Hardtail (8)

Getting into the race season, Wil wanted to build a no expense spared race bike for the coming year. He wanted it to be light, to shift, and apparently to be rigid. Having success in all account, Wil’s beautiful Di2 equipped Niner Air 9 is worth a look.

Details and weight after the break!

Wil's Niner Hardtail (7)

Tipping the scales at 19.26 lbs or 8736.19g, Wil’s bike certainly qualifies as light, but it still has a ways to go to get to the level of Andrea’s 16lb Flash. But, it’s not always about weight as durability plays a huge role in bike builds especially with race bikes. If your bike breaks and you can’t cross the finish line, being really light so you can carry it will only get you so far. It’s worth pointing out that Wil’s bike is sub 20 pounds without any major modifications and few super weight weenie parts.

Wll's Niner Hardtail (6) Wil's Niner Hardtail (3)

The Di2 conversion is courtesy of K-edge with matching red Ano of course. The whole bike has a black and red theme going on with much attention to detail.

Wil's Niner Hardtail (2)

Wil's Niner Hardtail (5) Wil's Niner Hardtail (4)

Wheels are built with Enve rims laced to Tune hubs with Schwalbe Racing Ralph rubber. Stopping is implemented through a set of Cleg 4 Mk II disc brakes which are a 4 piston design that is still light at 250g.

Wil's Niner Hardtail (1)

Finally, a Tune Smart Foot crankset set up double propels the bike.

Thanks to Wil for sending that in. If you want your bike to be featured in our Reader’s Rides section, send detailed photos including weight, a complete spec list, and details including anything out of the ordinary to editor@bikerumor.com.


  1. nice build. lots of Enve, K-Edge parts, other light and rideable stuffs.
    but no signs of tuned parts, all stock from shops…
    Niner is not a light frame so final weight cannot be stunning.
    however a lovely colour scheme and not a single part in worng place.
    Well done!

  2. Awesome!! My bike got on bikerumour! Thanks chaps

    Proper pleased with how it turned out, rob and the lads at my local shop did an awesome job as it proved to be a pretty involved build – the loom had to be cut and extended which looked a frankly terrifying job. We also originally went with killhill brakes but couldn’t get them to hold fluid properly so the cleggs were put on instead.

    As for racing, I’ve been pretty ill over the winter with kidney problems so it’s yet to turn a wheel in anger. However I’m on the mend so it should have it’s first outing at the 6th round at the nationals which is the Olympic venue. So yeah, as it stands – all the kit, goes like sh…:-)

  3. Hey look, a long cage rear. Nice build. And one the prolly actually works well. WW done properly. Nice job. Others take notice.

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