Sram Trigger Shifter X7 X9 X0

Introducing the newest trigger shifters from SRAM: X0, X9, and X7. Not quite the X0 version of XX1 we’ve been waiting for, but SRAM’s new 10 speed shifters along with the new X7 Type 2 derailleur are still welcome additions to the line up. The new triggers take a serious leap in performance with a new design that brings back SRAM’s Zero Loss shifting from the 9 speed trigger era (also found on road groups). The shifter all claim to include German engineered XX internals cranking the quality up a notch, all the way down to X7.

Shift past the break for more on the shifters and to check out the new clutched X7 Type 2 Derailleur!


To improve ease of shifting, ball bearing mechanisms are found on the X0 and X9 models, with a smaller overall design found on all three. At the top, X0 will be offered in multiple colors with a carbon shell along with an adjustable pull lever while X7 and X9 remain static. All of the shifters are MMX compatible and the X7 shifter only receives a quick cable change port. Available in May, X7, X9, and X0 triggers will retail for $70, $123, $262 respectively, and all shifter will include bar clamps even though they are not pictured.


Possibly the biggest news out of this release is the introduction of a 10 speed Type 2 derailleur at the X7 level. Riding a clutched derailleur is a ride changing experience offering quiet, better chain retention, and less damage to the frame from chain slap, so providing that technology at a lower price point is always as good thing. Just like X0 and X9 before it, the X7 featuers X-Glide shifting, with a roller bearing clutch and the Cage Lock mechanism that makes it easier to remove the wheel. The derailleur weighs a claimed 293g and is compatible with cassettes up to 36t. Three cage lengths will be available as well (short, medium, long), which is good news for anyone who goes through derailleurs on gravity bikes – now it won’t be quite so painful the next time you smash your derailleur on that rock. Combine it with the new X7 shifters and you’ll have a great set up for a bargain.

X7 Type 2 derailleurs will retail for $89 and will be available by the end of May.


  1. Super stoked on the X.7 Type 2. For consumers the X.7 has always been a great way to get into SRAM shifting, and the introduction of the clutch technology for X.7 is going to help them stay as stoked as those who can afford X.9 and X.0. Not to mention Cage Lock!

  2. Nifty, but I still prefer the ergonomics of Shimano’s Dual Release triggers. OTOH I do prefer SRAM Double Tap for drop bars.

  3. I love the arms race to see who can bring clutch derailleurs down farther in the product range faster. With SRAM hitting X7 and Shimano hitting Deore, it’s nice to have cheaper replacement options when you rip one off via a rock.

  4. I’m not a fan personally of clutch type derailleurs just yet because of how they require more effort at the lever, but I’m sure the big S companies will soon get around that.

    It’s great to see ‘Zero Loss’ coming back though and I love that X0 will come in a bunch of colours (green please).

  5. Given all the options / versions of X0 groups (104/64 BCD cranks, high direct mount front derailleurs, Type 2 rear derailleurs etc ) vs XX (which has non of the previous listed items), I can easily see XX is being phased out over time, or is in need of an overhaul.

  6. @ epo pusher – obviously you don’t ride rough trails, because clutch derailleurs are not a gimmick, they are a substantial improvement in ride quality. And not just whilst shifting…all the time. If you want fewer gears, run 6 cogs on a SS hub…and enjoy wider flange spacing

  7. Never liked the Sram triggers. The (new) gripshift is my preffered way of shifting. 1×10 combined with a short x9 rear mech without clutch is awesome.

  8. @Juan Speed – yes, did it with my CX bike 50/34 front 11-36 back w/ X9. Works great, but requires adding a barrel adjuster to the mix.

  9. They are still compatible. All 10 speed SRAM pulls the same amount of cable, across the board of road & mtb for 10 speed. It all relies on the rear derailleurs’ capabilities.

    X7 type 2 is going on the DH bike RIGHT MEOW!!!

  10. Shimano already accidentally made one 2 years ago.

    Buy any 10 sp Shimano’s Shadow+ derailer and any Sram 9 speed trigger or grip shift – voila, a good working 9 speed clutch system.

    To make it absolutely perfect add 6 mm shim (like the ones used in v-brakes brake pads) between derailer body and cable on the cable screw.

    More detailed description here or here

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