Downhill Supreme

Teaming up with Pinkbike and bicycle brands like Devinci, Cane Creek, DVO and Spank, Downhill Supreme may just be the game/app you’ve been waiting for. Chances are, if you have a smart phone or tablet and are into bikes you might have tried games like stick figure BMX where you control a rider by tilting your phone as he travels over a crudely illustrated course. Downhill Supreme takes that to the next level with way better illustrations, real customizable bikes, and a physics engine that simulates both front and rear suspension for the rider.

Check out some of the actual game play plus details on how to win a Cane Creek Double Barrel after the break.

Downhill Supreme 2

At the start of the game it allows you to choose your control method either using the phone’s tilt to control the rider, or buttons/joysticks on the screen.

Downhill Supreme 3

On June 11th, Downhill Supreme will be giving away a custom Cane Creek Double Barrel coil shock to one lucky player. Follow their Facebook for details.


Ride through multiple race settings, and 48 current tracks with more on the way. At $0.99,your work day just got a lot less productive. You’re welcome.



  1. I still can’t get the front page to load properly. I can only get to the updated page from Facebook, or if I manually type in then type in /2013 after the domain and I can finally get to the updated page… I think.

    Can’t you place an index.htm file in the root directory or something? I’ve flushed my DNS settings and everything else. Not sure what else I can do at this point.

  2. Thank you. Now please excuse me while I dig out my PS2 from the garage and spend the next few hours playing Downhill Domination.

  3. Awesome game. Great job! Best bicycling game I have ever played on the iPhone. The physics are really good, love the control interface too. The suspension movement and the detail is incredible. I just pulled off a backflip on the drop practice! I am going to show it to the guys at work today who ride, they are going to love it. Expect lots of downloads. Don’t forget about the android guys. I personally understand the dev costs, and know it can get very pricey. Not that easy to just port a game over and get the same results. Request so far for the next version: Add in the ability to adjust the front and rear shocks, that would be killer, the shocks are a bit plush right now, but I a guessing they will get better when I earn the better shock upgrades later in the game.

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