Chris King PFBB30 bottom bracket now shipping May2013


At Sea Otter, they told us the new Chris King PressFit bottom brackets would start shipping in a couple weeks, and seems they’re true to their word. The CK PFBB30 and PressFit 24 bottom brackets are now ready to head out the door.

They’ve been race tested under the United Healthcare Pro Cycling team. Seven different conversion kits are available, providing a range of adapters to fit just about any crank size and type, including SRAM’s tapered GXP spindles and for varying BB shell widths. The bottom brackets are fully serviceable and come with either stainless steel or ceramic bearings, and all of it’s 100% made in the USA. Nine anodized colors available.

Check the adapter kits and compatibility chart, plus news about Cielo bikes, below…

Chris King PressFit24 bottom bracket now shipping May2013Chris King PressFit bottom bracket adapter kits

chris king cielo handmade steel bicycles now available to authorized dealers

In other news, their Cielo bikes are now available for ordering and stocking by authorized Chris King dealers. While we don’t imagine too many shops will carry their staggeringly broad size run in too many (if any) models, having a few on hand to show customers and for demo rides always helps. Shops should talk to their CK sales rep for more details. Word is they’re ramping up production to bring lead times down to eight weeks max.


  1. Well, it’s pricey as expected. I’ve already got a WheelsMFG angular contact PF30 BB sitting around for when my SRAM one dies. If I destroy that one I may consider the investment.

  2. I just got a Cielo Cross Racer and its been a lot of fun. I’ve only put about 200 miles on it but it has a great road feel even though its a cx bike (I’m riding on cosmic carbones with 28c gatorskins). Much stiffer than the steel Indy Fab it replaced, not just up front but the seatstays transmit so much more feedback. The fit and finish is second to none.

  3. Vectorbug, If you’re putting carbon road wheels with Gatorskins on your steel cross bike, I’m pretty sure Cielo would like to have a word with you…

  4. @g: this whole PF92 standard was invented because BB30 frames kept wearing out due to the hard steel being pressed against soft alloy and killing the tolerance. So PF92 fixes that with a plastic cup, at least on the Shimano BBs. somehow RF, E13 and CK dig not get that memo….

  5. ditto what dogbox said. same with PF30. if the plastic cup allowed manufacturers leeway with frame tolerances, what does going with an aluminum cup do for you?

  6. Maybe I am the only one with this problem, but I can’t get a PF30 BB to hold up. The Specialized BB that came with my FACT crankset was rough from the start. Ditched it for a SRAM, and it was much smoother at first, but got notchy after 5 months, even though repacked with Park PolyLube from the start.

    I think the next try will be the Wheels Mfg. with steel angular contact bearings. CK is probably good, but $169? Their adapters cost nearly as much as a Wheels angular BB.

  7. I free with the others. Chris King should have gone with plastic cups. Metal press fit cups are a squeak and a creak waiting to happen.


  8. I can’t believe that they’re using adapters. I’ve got a Race Face BB for my Spearfish with a PF30BB that uses the bearing for 24mm cranks, no adapter needed. King makes their own bearings, they couldn’t have made one that didn’t need adapters? The Race Face one cost less than $50 and uses re-buildable Enduro bearings.

  9. As a mechanic who works in a shop with lots of press-fit stuff, I remain unconvinced. While I don’t think it’s a terrible idea (it works well enough), I think it’s needlessly complicated and does not represent a huge advantage over a 68mm threaded BB.

    While I’m sure the CK BB is a quality product, I guess I don’t see the need to have 7 conversion kits to accompany it.

  10. @ dogbocks – Okay, I’m trying to follow along, but I still don’t get it. Those bb30 frames were wallowing out because it was a hard steel bearing in an alloy shell that was slip fit, not press fit. It seems that this system here has been well proven in headsets. Alloy bearing cup pressed into steel/alloy/ti. And the threadless headset system is not at all prone to creaking or wallowing.

    For the record, I’m opposed to any of the new BB standards, and I don’t plan on buying any bikes without a threaded BB. But, I still don’t see why this would be doomed to fail just because it’s an alloy cup.

  11. @ dogbocks
    If you don’t change your BB every 3 months because of poor quality bearings… there is no reason for the frame to wear out. Don’t you agree?
    Press only one time. It’s for life! (“All BB bearing service can be performed with the BB mounted to the bicycle frame.” said CK)

    (I apologize for my poor english :-° )

  12. I have a 2013 Scott Scale 910 – PF92. Has anyone installed the CK BB24 on a Scott Scale? Could i get information on how you had to fit the BB24 on your bike? Any conversion kits needed? Spacers – size/how many? any information you can provide. I would like to go away from the Shimano PF92 BB.

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