To compliment its new Edelhelfer 18-gram carbon water bottle cage, German carbon bicycle wheel manufacturer Lightweight is now offering the RESERVETANK water bottles.

Available in two sizes (500ml or 750ml), the RESERVETANK features a super-wide mouth for easy cleaning, and its classy minimalist graphics offer a stylish match with the Edelhelfer cage. Retail price on the 750ml bottle is 5 euros, and its weight is about 96g. Cost for the 500ml version is 4 euros, and it weighs about 76g.

The RESERVETANK will also be available in the United States, check the Lightweight website soon for details.


  1. I fill my water bottles with Hydrogen to make them lighter. That pesky oxygen that binds to the hydrogen some times screws with my mission.

    Lightweight waterbottles? Really? Last time I checked, the stuff you put inside the bottle offsets any weight savings.

  2. x + a = m
    y + a = n
    x < y
    ? m < n, Q.E.D.

    Understanding simple math makes understanding the whole "difference in weights" thing so much easier.

  3. I seriously do not bring water on rides. Not only do I save weight, but I actually get lighter as I sweat during the course of the ride.

  4. note that nowhere in the article does it say that the bottles are light in weight. the company’s name is Lightweight. so the bottles match their logos and products.
    and it’s COMPLEMENT, not COMPLIMENT, in this particular case.

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