Whether you’re new to power meter training or an old hat needing to update your baseline measurement, an FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test is the way to go. It’s what all proper power training starts with, and generally it’s done outdoors on a smooth, flat road with minimal wind and environmental (stop lights) interference. If that sounds like absolutely nothing around you, The Sufferfest has an alternative: The Rubber Glove.

The video test is 60 minutes, including warmup and cool down, and helps keep you in the right effort zones and tells you when to measure your power output. In typical Sufferfest style, they make it entertaining. It’s just $13.99 and you can download it here. Order in the next 48 hours and you’ll get 10% off with promo code LUBEUP.

Curious about how to use power once you’ve determined your FTP? Check out this post from coach Hunter Allen.

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