Specialized S-Works Venge Cavendish Frameset


In honor of twenty seven year old Marc Cavendish’s 100th (and 101st!) UCI win, Specialized is releasing a limited edition Venge frameset. The frame comes on the heels of his back-to-back stage wins at the Giro d’Italia. In recent years, he has also claimed a world championship and the green jersey at the Tour de France.

The caVENGEdish frame will only be available through a select set of retailers and will set back potential owners $3,750 USD.


Specialized S-Works Cavendish Frame Details


The toptube is subtly adorned with several of Cav’s most notable victories and a reproduction of his signature can be found on very frame.


  1. wow…somebody’s bitter. Mostly correct, but still sounding bitter. I think it looks awesome! a damn sight better than their stock paint schemes.

  2. I hope those are your words and they didn’t actually call it the caVENGEdish..

    It’s a clean set of accents, I’m glad it’s not gaudy and overdone. Though the green clashes with his maglia rossa.

  3. Many pros have a signature frame, just because it is Specialized people think its sucks. I would love to have this frame built up and tested in their air tunnel with a large Starbucks coffee.

  4. I think you mean a Venti Starbucks coffee. But we all know the Trenta Starbucks coffee(while bigger) is still more aero!

  5. I don’t care if fat pros buy it, I just want to ride one! Hell I want to ride all sexy new frames that come out.

    Nathan, what is a good frame to you? Parlee, steel? What is the cool frame to have?

  6. So, the (deleted) come out to complain about who might buy this bike, as if there are requirements that have to be met to buy a given bike. I’m willing to bet virtually everyone who’s ever posted here is riding a bike that could easily be replaced with something much less expensive and/or much less flashy. This should be one of those pot meets kettle moments for said (deleted).

  7. @ Psi Squared, I have rode less expensive bikes, they are more expensive in the long run. I hope the irony of complaining about complainers is not lost on you.

  8. I’m sure the bike is as good as any other major manufacturer’s high end carbon bike. But in the day and age of dopers getting caught left and right, I’m not sure I want anyone’s name on my bike other than my own. Your hero today could be an international pariah tomorrow. Do you want to ride a dork-rocket celebrating a doper on your club ride?

  9. @Matthew: couldn’t agree more. I still enjoy watching pro racing, but I don’t put any of them on a pedestal anymore. Regardless, wearing pro-kit or riding a signature frame is very dorky and non-pro looking (unless you are a pro!).

  10. Did i miss something, what is limited edition about it? the color!!

    got it. the frame cost $300 dollar to make by Merida in China?? sold for $3,750 USD. U do the Maths.

    Now i know how they can afford to pay Cav millions[ bear in mind he deserves it though]

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