Marz 380 (3)

Over the past decade, the Marzocchi 888 DH fork helped define the term buttery smooth. While some model years were plagued with reliability issues, for the most part, the 888 fork was a riders best friend. It rarely required servicing, was stupid simple to rebuild, and was easily tune-able.

So after ten years of solid performance, the Italian stallion has been completely redesigned from axle to crown. This new beauty debuting, dubbed the 380 C2R2 Titanium, will be the lightest coil race fork on the market when it debuts in September. At just over six pounds on our scale, it’s just a shade lighter than the current generation of air forks released this year.

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Marz 380 (6)
The 380 houses a hybrid dampening system, stolen from their line of motocross forks, that employs the best of both closed and open bath systems. The Dynamic Bleed Cartridge (DBC) allows utilizes a spring actuated compensation reservoir to maintain the proper levels of oil in the damper while mitigating the risk of hydrolocking. Excess oil flows out through a circuit when high pressure develops, lubricates the sliders, and can be pulled back into the damper via a one way seal as necessary.

A  5.5 N/mm titanium spring coil with external preload is on the left, while the right leg houses the DBC system and high and low speed compression and rebound settings. The compression stack can also be removed from the top of the stanchion, without losing oil or requiring a full rebuild, for those riders who want to fine tune their suspension.

Marz 380 (7)The upper and lower crowns have been completely redesigned to offer lower weight and increased stiffness. The lower crown utilizes a hollow design to shave 40 grams off the old crowns.

The stanchion tubes are still 38 millimeters and receive a Nickel coating for durability and smoothness.

Marz 380 archThe new magnesium lowers shed the iconic “M” arch in favor of stiffness and all overall reduction of 100 grams over the current lowers.

Marz 380 (10)The new axle system requires only one allen key for wheel removal and is held in place by four titanium pinch bolts. Swapping between 26″ and 27.5″ wheels is just as simple as swapping out the wheels.

Marzocchi 380 Weight

The Boxxer World Cup and new Fox 40 Float, which both utilize air cartridges, are both claimed to weigh just under 6 lbs. Sitting at just over 6 lbs, the new Marz 380 Ti fork offers riders the unique feel of coil at a very marginal weight penalty.

Weight Reductions: 380 C2R2 Titanium vs. 888 RC3 EVO Titanium: – 255g/ 0.56lbs
New Chassis: -100g/ 0.22lbs
Hollow lower crown:-40g/ 0.08lbs
Taperwall 20mm axle: -30g/ 0.07lbs
C2R2 DBC damping: -55g/ 0.12lbs
Tapered steerer: -30g/ 0.07

380 C2R2 Titanium – Highlights:

      • 2.795 grams/6,16 lbs
      • 200mm travel
      • Wheel Size: Compatible with both 26” and 650b wheels.
      • Tapered Steerer or 1-1/8” option available
      • Hollow lower crown
      • Ø38mm nickel coated tapered aluminum stanchions
      • Titanium spring
      • Increased distance between the upper and lower bushing to increase rigidity.
      • Low friction seals for smooth performance
      • Taperwall 20mm axle, removable with single allen key
      • Availability: September 2013

 Marzocchi Moto CR2 Shock

Marzocchi Moto CR2 (2)

Like the 380 Ti Fork, the Moto C2R shock pulls a variety of technology from Marzocchi’s motorcross line up in it’s quest to be the best and lightest coil fork on the market. In order the reduce weight and increase performance, the shock body has been parred down to the essentials, and the shaft size has increased from 12,7mm to 14mm.

Marzocchi Moto CR2 (5)A small set crew with a teflon edge in the upper sprint plate keeps the coil secure.

Marzocchi Moto CR2 (7)

The shock will be offered in two different trims. Both models will feature an easily removable shim stack in order to facilitate fine tuning, but the higher end model will feature a (retrofittable) Volume Adjuster. This adjustment offers four different volume positions to control how progressive the bottom of the stroke is.

Marzocchi Moto CR2 (4)

The eyelet and shaft assembly are manufactured as a single piece to keep weight down. Trying to figure out what coil you need? The numbers are listed just above the eyelet.

Marzocchi Moto CR2 Weight

If you’re a Marzocchi Fanboy (or girl) or simply love the feel of coil, the new lightweight bling will be available this September.


  1. I have no idea what a DH bike feels like to ride, much less a top notch DH bike roaring down a mountain. I can only imagine.

  2. Ryan, 90% of the time I ride a hardtail. The other 10% is borrowing my buddy’s DH rig and go for a lift assisted day of riding. The two operate the same, but that’s about it. I’m more used to it now, but it takes 2-3 runs for me to make the adjustments. Fun stuff for sure, but a very different animal indeed.

  3. Wow! Just when you thought Zocchi was down for the count: That rear shock looks amazing and Marzocchi forks are always like hot butter on your breakfast toast…a baby bubba….

  4. If I can just point out tat suspension components contain “dampers”, not “dampeners”.

    A decrease in the amplitude of an oscillation as a result of energy being drained from the system to overcome frictional or other…
    A mechanism or system for bringing about such a decrease.

    dampening present participle of damp·en (Verb)
    Make slightly wet: “the fine rain dampened her face”.
    Make less strong or intense: “nothing could dampen her enthusiasm”.

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