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What started originally with the first generation RockShox Boxxers, the BlackBox program now extends across SRAM’s entire brand family. Racers on the BlackBox program gain access to the latest technology and prototypes hoping to find that slight edge on the competition, and climb up to that first step on the podium. Over the years some BlackBox technology has made it to the sales floor, while others remain in prototype limbo based on results. As the latest products to come out of the BlackBox program, Truvativ’s new Athlete series bars offer the aluminum and carbon bars you would expect, but built to the athletes’ exact specifications.

Put your hands on the new BlackBox Athlete series bars, next.

TRUVATIV_BlackBox_Bar_SSmith_md TRUVATIV_BlackBox_Bar_SSmith_Silver

When Steve Smith isn’t charging the World Cup circuit, he’s usually still found riding steep, gnarly lines extremely fast. Steve wanted a bit more rise out of his bar, with a 30mm rise and 5° upsweep, and 7° backsweep. Constructed out of 7050 aluminum, the 780mm wide bar weighs 340g and is offered in silver or black.


Danny Hart, you know, the rider behind one of the most exciting downhill runs of all time? Well, Danny had been using a 5mm spacer under his direct mount stem with a 20mm rise Boobar, so to fine tune his set up the Danny Hart signature bar has a 25mm rise. Also, the bar is designed with a 9° backsweep to move his weight back and put more pressure on the rear wheel.

TRUVATIV_BlackBox_Bar_DHart_mdLike the Smith bar, it is 780mm wide, aluminum and 340g. The Hart bar will only come in Tech Gold.


As the only non downhiller in the group, Jerome Clementz is carrying the Enduro flag. After winning nearly every major enduro event – Megavalanche, Mountain of Hell, Enduro des Nations, it’s safe to call Jerome a legend. Wanting a wider, stiffer, and lighter bar, Truvativ answered with the carbon fiber Jerome Clementz BlackBox bar. At 750mm the bar is plenty wide for enduro use, with a 20mm rise and 5/7° up and backsweep.

TRUVATIV_BlackBox_Bar_JClementz_mdThe carbon bar comes in at 240g, offering exactly what Jerome wanted – wide, stiff, and light.

All of the new bars will be available in June, with the aluminum bars retailing for $83 and the carbon bar at $198.


  1. I don’t have the exact proportions of J Clementz. Why would i fork out the big $ on something that most certainly would not suit me ( or most probably i won’t feel any difference from the standard similar product ) ?

  2. Signature parts and equipment always seem like a hokey marketing ploy. Just knock the extra 15% off and sell me the part, I don’t care who uses it as long as it works.

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