Steve Peats Sons SuperlightThis is what you’d ride. Santa Cruz Nickel in size extra grom, with a full XTR drivetrain, and Enve wheels and cockpit. Luckiest 8 year old in the world?



  1. When I was 8 I had a 1977 Huffy Thunder Road 56. All the neighbor kids with the Thunder Road 42 were jealous of my full banana seat.

    Wonder how that Santa Cruz would handle a plywood and cinder block ramp on blacktop, because the Thunder Road rocked it. Gloves and a helmet? Just Sears Toughskin jeans – because the worst thing that could happen to a kid in the 70’s was skinned knees.

  2. That bike is pretty lacking. The hand-me-down bike I had when I was that age had noise makers on all the spokes, shiny reflective tape, fake police siren on the handlebars, and the seat was half-chewed by a rat. That thing & I rode a groove into a loop around my house.

  3. I mean, let’s be real. Santa Cruz is probably sitting on so many unsold nickels right now that I bet they didn’t just give Peaty this bike for free, they probably paid him to take it off their hands.

  4. Good job, you’ve successfully spoiled the (deleted) out an 8 year old, given him zero appreciation for the value spectrum of the cycling industry, and zero ability to relate to real world anything.

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