Air Attack Skate Park

Are you the type of person who looks for every bit of advantage from your equipment, no matter how small? It is this relentless pursuit of speed which was the genesis of the Giro Air Attack. Throwing conventional helmet design out the window, the Air Attack was designed to be fast, and cool offering an aerodynamic advantage without going full aero.

Now, Giro is offering a chance to win not only an Air Attack, but a $10,000 prize pack that includes a Cervelo S5 with some Easton Carbon Wheels. We’ve also been putting some early miles on an Air Attack – jump past the break for all the details.

Chasing Speed with the Air Attack, Win one along with Cervelo S5, more

Ok, so I’m not shredding a skate park on an aero road bike, but we’re guessing this is probably the more likely scenario. Initial impressions of the Air Attack are very favorable with the helmet being very comfortable and so far pretty well vented. We haven’t had any days over 90° yet, so I haven’t tested it in really hot conditions, but to this point it feels surprisingly well ventilated. The design also lend it self to riding in the rain, as with a standard cycling cap underneath the added coverage seems to keep your head well protected.

air Attack 2

Two observations on the aerodynamics of the helmet – first, if you put your hand just behind the helmet as you’re riding there is noticeably more concentrated airflow compared to my Giro Aeon. Also, there seems to be more air rushing over your ears as I find it harder to carry on a conversation when wearing the Air Attack due to the amount of wind noise. Whether that is due to the increased aerodynamics of the helmet is up for debate, but Giro does have some interesting data regarding just how many watts an Air Attack will save you on the Road, Tri, and  Track.

Contest Air Attack

So, want to win the Air Attack and possibly everything else shown here in the grand prize? You have until July 31st to post photos to instagram with the hashtag #chasingspeed, as well as mentioning @girocycling. The only rule is that you have to include a bike in the photo. The Grand prize includes a Cervelo S5,Easton carbon wheels, and Air Attack, and more.


  1. I’m sure the helmet is all that Giro claim, but I just can’t get over the looks. I’m sure all the pot-bellied Freds are bum-rushing online dealers carrying these helmets.

    When I saw these types of helmets at the TdF, I thought they were jokes.

  2. I like my matt black Air Attack. I don’t mind the regular “alien crown” helmets (I have 3), but this is just what I wanted since I got into road riding; a helmet that didn’t make me look like a Protoss Zealot riding a bicycle.

  3. I’m glad to see cycling growing in popularity and as a sport. I welcome new innovation. I welcome new comers and encourage them to embrace life on two wheels. What seems to be getting old is the flood of empty suits and white collar monkeys that have turned to cycling as a fashion statement and status symbol along with the other boy’s in the office. Seems the top priority for these guys is how they look and what their wearing. Fashion and cycling have always been, and will always be linked to some degree… Can’t get around that. I seriously hope cycling is not the new golf… God I hate golf.

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