Evil Uprising

Over the past year, photos of the new Evil Uprising trail bike have surfaced on the internet under pro riders and a few very lucky e-riders. The 6″ travel carbon trail bike hasn’t been officially released but several were wandering around Sea Otter. Luckily, we managed to catch up with Kevin Walsh, the owner of Evil, and talk for a few minutes about the new bike.

While the various pros and sponsored riders were running a variety of different setups, the one pictured above closely resembles what a stock high end build might look like when completes builds are released. A frame only option will also be available. Expect final builds to be fairly light, as the company is aiming for a sub 6 lb production frame (w/o shock).

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Evil Uprising Headtube

A flip chip in the rear will allow the the head tube angle to be adjusted between 66.5 to 67.2 degrees when mated with a 150mm fork.

Evil Uprising Linkage Non DriveRouting is all external but very clean. A shield keeps the carbon downtube safe from rock strickes.

Evil Uprising Linkage

The frame utilizes Dave Weagle’s patented Delta System. It’s essentially a single pivot system with a unique trick. You can adjust the flip chips for a slacker or steeper geometry without having to readjust your suspension. Remarkably, adjusting the flip-chips does not affect the leverage rate of the frame.

Evil Uprising Switch LinkAll of the frames hardware is carefully labeled with the proper torque specifications. We’d love to see more manufacturers do this.

Evil Uprising Tire ClearanceTire clearance with a Shwalbe Fat Albert.

Evil Uprising Rear Triangle

Out back, there’s a 142×12 rear axle.

Bonus: Race Livery

Evil Uprising Race Bike (3)

Wandering around the pits we stumbled across a tent full of Evil bikes decked out in custom race decals. When Kevin Walsh isn’t busy running a high end mountain bike company, he’s managing his design agency, Superbig,  which does projects for major clients such as Red Bull, K2, Jones Soda, etc..So in his spare time, he created these amazing decals for the team race bikes.

Evil Uprising Kore Handlebar (1)

Evil Uprising Kore Handlebar (2)Look for future collaborations between Kore and Evil for limited edition components in the future.

Evil Uprising Race Bike (4)

Evil Uprising Race Bike (2)

We wouldn’t be surprised if Evil produced limited edition decals for after market customization once the the bike officially launches.


According to Geometry specs released last year when the first prototypes were announced, with a 150mm fork (520mm AC):

-HA 67.62
-BB 13.48/342.5mm
-WB 44.0/1120.0 mm
-CS 430mm/16.9?
-SA 72.8
-BB 13.00/330.0mm
-WB 44.25/1124.09mm
-CS 433.97mm/17.08?
-SA 71.76

If you’re interested in one of these beautiful frames, the wait will soon be over. A completely revamped website and official launch are brewing! We’ll keep you posted on the details as they trickle in.


  1. While i would sport the crap out of that bike l am quite shocked on the lack of tire clearance. It might be better with different tires. l guess no 650 option.
    Also, it just looks so dang complicated. Toss out “keep it simple stupid”
    But l still think its pretty badass.

  2. It’s running Hans Dampfs in those pics which come up really big. Tyre clearance should be ok with “normal” sized tyres.

  3. well, that Fat Albert could be a 2.4. And Schwalbe’s tires are quite voluminous. So in reality, it could have a lot of mud clearance.

  4. With 150mm travel you really are MEANT to run fat tyres, so frankly, amazingly poor design there. Looking at it probably they couldn’t make any more mud clearance because it’d need an 83mm BB 😛

  5. I wonder- the mold was made and paid for, the samples came in and the tire just barely clears. You are a small company- do you eat the cost of the new mold or just hope like hell no one notices?

  6. I currently own a Yeti SB95 with no much more tyre clearance than that….I was concerned at first but nearly all 29Rs have crap tyre clearance but people still buy! Most of these bikes are designed and tested in hot dusty climates so sheee’s who needs the clearance! I’ve pre ordered my Evil Uprising from http://www.mountainbikebitz.com in the Uk. The hills I bash are quite muddy but but a few hard landings from drop and take offs soon clears the crap! Check out what I’ve ordered here…. http://www.mountainbikebitz.com/2013-evil-carbon-mountainbikes-c-7788.html

    They are really well spec’ d Uprisings….. I went for the SRAM X9 & Hope build….upgraded the Wheels to Mavic Crossmax…sweet! Mountainbikebitz say they will have stock end of May!!! Woohoo!

  7. scott and trek and all the other companies who use that flip-chip thingie better watch out. . .dave weagle’s coming for your firstborn. . .

  8. Really lookin’ forwar to see it live. Nonetheless, cable routing on this frame really sucks. Is it that difficult to create internal cable routing on a carbon molded frame?! Attention to the smallest detail – that’s what anyone who’s willing to pay for this level of top end frame expects!

  9. Well, I really really like this bike and if everything runs according to plan the frame is on a boat on the way to europe and soon in a truck to my hometown. I’m building it top spec myself, and not worried about tire clearance or cable routing at all. It’s going to be a unique class bike of your not convinced, check out Luck Ströbel shredding his.

  10. Damn… Complaining already.. ! you guys haven’t even ridden this thing
    yet and there are rear tyre clearance complaints..
    This bike looks epic and I can’t wait to ride one.. If you live in the Uk and
    aren’t going to get clearance, boo hoo.. ! more for us..! moany old gits..
    I’m going to rip the [deleted] out of the trails on this..

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