Can’t get enough of the Team Garmin-Sharp Barracuda Argyle? Now you have the chance to deck out your computer in the latest team fashions with the Garmin-Sharp Edge 510. The Edge 510 is a touch screen GPS computer that is now able to connect through your smart phone for social ride sharing among a ton of other features. The 510 Argyle Bundle will retail for $399. Follow along with Team Garmin Sharp Barracuda on Garmin Connect to see their progress in the Tour of California, like yesterday’s torture fest in 100+ degree temperatures.


  1. Matt, despite CK’s gripey comment, I think he has a point. They have more features, but I certainly wouldn’t say the 510 is easier to use. I won’t sell them because it isn’t an upgrade from the 500. Who likes using a touchscreen that’s had sweat dripping all over it?

  2. Curious as to why you say the 510 is worse than the 500. Sure, it’s a little more expensive, but mine works like a champ!

  3. Garmin devices could go from good to great if their UI was anywhere approaching decent. As it stands, I’d rather use my iPhone with ANT+ capability from Wahoo, which allows me to use easy-to-use apps with intuitive interfaces.

  4. Exactly too much money. Garmin’s devices are all overpriced, because they don’t have serious competition right now. Hopefully things will be changing with new Strava alliances in the next year or so. Barfly is also making other devices look better all the time.

    Really Garmin $200 extra for the 810 maps!

  5. How dare they try to make any money for a product that I have no idea how it works or what it takes to make!

  6. @ Watson: how in the world could you think the 510 isn’t easier to use than the 500? It’s certainly not perfect, but it’s much easier to use.

  7. I waited until performance had a sale 2 months ago, and got the 510 bundle for $320. On top of that, I got reward points.

  8. I’m a fan of the Garmin products. I recently upgraded from the Edge 705 to the 810 and love the device. The upgrade from the 705 to the 800 wasn’t a big enough step to justify so I waited for the 810 to launch as I use the Live Tracking feature so my wife can keep an eye on me and those sponsoring me on a sportive can watch my progress.

    I do however think the pricing of the devices especially the 510 & 810 need to be reviewed. With companies like Mio and Bryton producing high end alternatives with a lower price tag it’s time for Garmin to re-evaluate their marketing plan before it’s too late.

  9. If you think the 510 is difficult to use, either you haven’t actually used it and you’re trollin’ or you’re really bad at life.

  10. I just ordered a 510. I’m totally frustrated with my Joule GPS and done with it. It frequently loses communication with the PowerTap hub and takes forever to acquire satellites. I hope the 510 is better.

  11. Both the 510 and 810 are extremely unreliable with power meters. Check out the user forums. I got a refund on my 810 after hoping for months they would have a software fix and still nothing. Garmin support acknowledged the problem but have no eta on a fix. They claimed it needs “testing” which they never seemed to do in the first place since the problem is very apparent. I too am looking forward to some worthy product to compet with Garmin, over priced and lacking in quality.

  12. The 510 certainly is worse than the 500 and the 500 needed some improvement. I see no reason to “upgrade”. Read any review thats not chasing Garmin ad dollars and you will see why.

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