Found on our local trails in Greensboro, NC. What bar do you think this is? Answer will be posted tomorrow with additional photos. **updated** answer and more photos after the break.

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Answer: a Nukeproof bar (looking nothing like their current offerings.) Reportedly, this is the “heavy duty one” that weighs just 150g. It’s carbon wrapped over an alloy bar.




  1. Yokota Mountain Bike!? Awesome! I still have one at home.
    Dare I say a steel Salsa stem? We’ve sold 2 in the last couple of months.

  2. The frame is a Yokota, bar, NukeProof, shifters X-rays and the brake levers are dia-compe or a relabeled version of them. Like Ritchey or something. Pedals are onza. Stem is ControlTech. Can’t tell the rest.

  3. the frame looks like a Yokota Yosemite Comp, probably one of those sold by Nashbar super-cheap back in 1995ish. the dia compe levers look to be SS-7. grip shift xrays in clear, not the replacement smoke housings. some purple bottle cage – Ringle? and everything else that’s already been said…

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