Last summer, Ritchey Logic unveiled their new Trail component line with stems, handlebars and seatposts in both carbon and alloy iterations. Now, the Trail line grows, getting you close to having a complete group save for Trail grips and tires.

The new Trail WCS Alloy Wheels passed their final QC testing under Tom Ritchey himself at this year’s Cape Epic.  Here’s what the folks at Ritchey just emailed us:

“(The new wheels will be) QR9, 15mm or 20mm thru axle compatible, QR or 142x12mm rear of course. Standard or XX1 drivers available. 29er or 650B….possibly 26”. This wheelset is designed as a wider, beefed-up and 20mm compatible version of our Vantage II wheels, for riders who tend to be on the abusive side but still want a comparatively light wheel.

Tubeless rim, 21mm internal width. Proprietary Ritchey OCR (off center rim) design. 28 spokes, DT butted. Weight will be under 1700g for a set (20mm axle) and the price will be very competitive.”

No word on a carbon rim version yet, but we wouldn’t rule it out. Like the Vantage II, these appear to be designed around CenterLock brake rotors.



The WCS Trail saddle looks awfully similar to the current Marathon saddle, which takes their minimalist Streem and adds padding and abrasion resistant corners. The flatter tail should make sliding off the back of the saddle for steeps a bit easier.

Look for more new goods from Ritchey in July!


  1. oh boy. “29er or 650b… possibly 26.” looks like this is contributing to the extinction of the original fat tire bikes…

  2. Maybe BikeRumor does not know about 26″ just like they dont have prices for these wheels yet. Dry those tears and wait until the wheels are actually available.

  3. If Ritchey isn’t making 26″ wheels, it’s not because they have some personal beef with them, it’s because 26″ stuff doesn’t sell anymore. I don’t care to discuss the merits of the competing wheel sizes, but all ones needs to do is look at the various close out online retailers blowing out high end 26″ components for wholesale prices to realize that 26″ is on life support.

  4. Unless you’re under 5’0″ or want a long travel DH bike you need to get on bigger wheels…sorry to break it to ya…good news is you’ll like it. It’s not some planned obsolescence scheme like we’ve seen in the past, bigger wheels are actually better.

  5. just bought my new yeti 26″ trail bike. great bike. i will continue to buy them until the fools behind the scenes make them unbuyable. no corporations are run by smart people.

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