Trek Project One Experience

No longer content to confine their custom bike program to pixels on a screen, Trek is taking Project one to the streets. Of course consumers will still be able to use the excellent Project One website to design and customize their next Trek, but now cyclists will be able to interact directly with the program at the nation’s biggest cycling events. Unveiled for the first time at Sea Otter, the rolling studio allows users to gain access to first hand advice on creating their dream bike which can still be sent to their favorite retailer for the order and final build.

Make sure to check out the murdered out big rig that tows the whole thing after the break!


Like the Madone, Domane, and Speed Concept frames that are candidates for custom paint, the Project One experience was designed at Trek’s Waterloo, WI  headquarters and built in Union Grove, WI. The Project One Experience’s schedule is currently being finalized, but expect to see it around the biggest cycling shows and races near you.


  1. And by ‘custom’ they mean you keep the exact same frame with exact same dimensions and can put one of 17 exciting new pre-assigned paint-schemes on it!

    Or you could buy the frameset, have your LBS get the parts you want and take it all to any local painter to get literally any pattern/color/style you could possibly want AND save $100s to $1000s.

  2. @matt – Custom paint definitely voids manufacturers warranty. Plus, have you ever set up a Project One bike on the site? There are literally 1000s of color combos. And I’ve never seen an aftermarket paint job that comes close to what you get on a Project One bike. Do some more research. You are getting some pretty high end work for the coin.

  3. @Matt I don’t think they imply that the bike is Fully Custom. Rather:

    “Mass customization is the method of “effectively postponing the task of differentiating a product for a specific customer until the latest possible point in the supply network.””

    Though functionally the identical, customers perceive greater quality and enjoyment with a mass customized product then with a standardized product.

  4. dear trek, bring back proper kleins and proper gary fisher. I hate all your bikes, and these ones too. Clients like george bush and lance armstrong is really bad, specially if your bikes are already so boring. Thanks.

  5. I am thoroughly convinced that Trek, Specialized, and Giant cannot possibly do anything right on this website. Even if they gave away free $10k bikes people would bitch that the lines were long.

  6. @Lucas – the quality of the paint for the money is not very good. Most of these “custom” paint jobs would be fine if they were $200-$300, but for what they are charging there are plenty of places that do a MUCH better job. If you were to spend an extra $800+ on a paint job with Parlee, Serotta, Seven or any number of smaller companies (that can hit similar price points on a complete bike, by the way) the quality of paint wouldn’t compare.

  7. One year warranty on the paint, and the paint does not void the warranty it is still lifetime. The six and seven series frames are also made in the good ol U.S.A!

  8. the paint job i bet is great, i dont even doubt it. But the cheapest bike you can get painted is 6000 dollars….. what is going on with the cycling world? that’s entering car and motorcycle money

  9. I saw alot of your comments yesterday and still can’t believe some of them. Made in USA , lifetime warranty, and you can build one for $4500.00.

  10. @ velorider that is because Trek and Specialized (not so much Giant) have spent years generating a ton of hype around products that just don’t live up to it. Like a lot of company’s today they are much better at advertising than building innovative products.

  11. @heatwave23 – I’m curious to know which products haven’t lived up to their hype and how other brands that aren’t Trek and Spesh have.

    Hater always gna hate. They’ll just never really come out and just say they hate on something simply because they’re the big cycling companies.

  12. @MaLóL
    “Sorry Dubya: we can’t sell you Treks any more, the internet says so. Try the Spesh shop down the road.”
    Can you see this happening?

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