We’ve seen all kinds of saddles over the years – wide, skinny, flat, round, nose, no-nose, you name it, it’s probably been done. The Kuhl Ride is the latest take on how to make saddle more comfortable on your backside channeling the spirit of Reebok’s Pumps. Kuhl ride isn’t the first saddle to use air to support the rider, nor is it even the first to use a built in pump,but it is an interesting design that looks to use an air bladder over the entire saddle rather than just a few pods.

The saddle features a built in thumb actuated pump just under the nose of the saddle to increase pressure along with a release valve to keep it from blowing up, and is offered in 3 different styles depending on your rider type. The catch? Even at the current Kickstarter price of $125, the saddles are pretty expensive comparative to other comfort saddles. At the claimed retail price of $250, unless the saddle is every bit as comfortable as it claims it seems like it would be a hard sell.


  1. I want to get Steve a proper bike fitting session. The air ride system was in use by a saddle company that was spec’d on Jango bikes by Topeak, forget the name of them though.

  2. Only 1200g? I like the idea but I’m skeptical that the racer is race-worthy. I would try one before discounting it but I wouldn’t pay $250 for one at this point. The top looks like I would tear it up with some real use. Maybe if I could design some sort of inflatable seat cover to keep the saddle from getting worn…

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