2014 BMC Teammachine SLR01 road bike gets lighter and stiffer

We spoke with BMC quite a bit at Sea Otter Classic and learned that something new is coming on the road bike side later this year. While most brands are scrambling to add something in the endurance/gravel road bike category or the aero road bike category, BMC already has those sectors covered with their Granfondo and Timemachine. They even have a TdF winning bike with their current Teammachine SLR01.

So, what are they to do?

Make things lighter, of course! At least, that’s the gist we get from a video we found hidden on their website after watching, pausing, rewinding and watching some more…

2014 BMC Teammachine SLR01 road bike gets lighter and stiffer

While they weren’t giving up any details at the Otter, we did learn it’ll be a race bike. The screen grab above suggests it’s a “NEW Teammachine SLR01” and that the focus was on making it lighter and a little bit stiffer. Decked out with SRM, electronic shifting and deep section wheels, the current bike comes in a bit over the UCI’s porky minimum weight limit…not a good thing when it comes time to climb the Col.

2014 BMC Teammachine SLR01 road bike gets lighter and stiffer

BMC uses their own seatposts on the GF01 to complement the frame flex and provide a more comfortable ride. There are hints something similar could be used here, too. That could balance out any enhancements to the frame’s stiffness, providing better power transfer without beating you up. More as we get it.


  1. You do know that Cadel Evans is riding this new bike right now at the Giro and that more competent bike portals already have tons of pictures of that new bike, right ?

  2. i love how bmc is glossing over their greatest failure, the impec.
    did that thing even make it to market after they had trouble with the glue?

  3. there is a photo floating around on the internet of Thor riding & training with the Impec in San Diego today.

  4. @Fredrick I’ve seen the Impec frames at a local shop. Not my cup of tea, but I appreciate it for being different.

  5. You may appreciate it less if you were the one who spent millions and millions of dollars developing it and no one bought it. I do very much appreciate it being different, but if no one buys it then that’s a dropped ball.

  6. Gil – back off the BR folks.

    You gotta think the $$$$ stuck into the development of the lego bike, I mean Impec, will flow into other bikes down the road. They really need to sell a lot of bikes to make up for that. They’re gaining popularity in the MTB sector.

  7. I ride and race on an impec… Best bike i’ve ever ridden. Power transfer like no other bike on the market. Maybe you should ride one before calling it a failure…?

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