In more of a behind the scenes look than actual riding, Imaginate episode 2 follows legendary Trials rider Danny MacAskill as he continues his recovery. While still recovering from his back surgery, Danny agreed to film “Daredevils: Life on the Edge,” which led to him riding two up with one of his idols, motorcycle racer Guy Martin. Guy was equally impressed to be working with MacAskill which is amazing to see. Episode 2 also sees Danny back on a bike, though not a trials bike as he is able to ride a mountain bike again. The Imaginate film is starting to take shape as the venue is scouted, and we can’t wait to see the final product. Especially if there is an elephant.

If you missed Episode 1, check it out after the break!


  1. Why are you amazed that Guy Martin is impressed to be working with Danny Mac? This would be the same Guy Martin who is a keen mountain biker and (IIRC) is sponsored by Orange Bikes.

  2. @Andy, Maybe amazing wasn’t the right word, I just find it refreshing when someone revered as much as Martin can still be humbled by another athlete, especially a cyclist. I’m well aware of how many motorsports racers are into bikes as training and hobby. Still cool to see.

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