Guru cable frame stops for mechanical and electronic road bike drivetrains

Hot on the heels of their move to offer complete bikes, Guru just sent over these renderings of their new patent-pending frame stops for internal routing.

The design allows for either mechanical or electronic drivetrains, swapping in cable stops or wire plugs depending on what you’re running. The real beauty of the design is that you can easily upgrade/swap down the road without worrying if your frame is compatible. No doubt it’ll be on their frames (it was shown on their Photon HL at NAHBS, though they didn’t make a big deal about it there), and we’re waiting to hear back if they’ll offer it aftermarket or for other OEM customers. Update as we get it.


  1. Um….Quite a few bikes are shipping with something very similar right now. My Tarmac came with them, as did my moms Ruby…Not sure how this is new unless im completely missing the point.

  2. How is it possible that Guru can even get a patent for something like this? As other people have stated, Specialized already have something like this, and I have seen this on some smaller custom framebuilders too.

  3. Trek has a very similar setup. I think the only prominent makers who don’t are Cannondale and Giant, who set up their frames exclusively for external cable routing, or internal Di2.

  4. Also, even though it’s not strictly relevant, Rich is right. Guru sucks. They have terrible, bottom-of-the-barrel customer service, and the company just seems rife with general incompetence. When the Photon was new, I received two broken frames in a row, because Guru couldn’t figure out that dropping an 650g carbon frame, unprotected into a single-ply cardboard box, and shipping it from Canada, wasn’t the best way to ensure their most premium product arrived safely.

    Then, of course, they had the audacity to blame me.

  5. Jamis also offers a similar system on their new carbon cross bikes.

    “internal cable routing compatible for both Di2 wires or traditional cables”

  6. So, why bother filing for a patent when everybody else is already using it? From this thread alone, it appears that Specialized, Trek, Jamis, and many others already use this sort of integrated cable thing.

  7. Wish my Felt FC had this! The current screw on cable guides are sub-par compared to the older attached cable guides. This would be an improvement to the current system even though the cable tension still can’t be adjusted on the fly.

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