Premium Rider Chad Kerley dropped this banger last month to promote his long anticipated signature frame.  The new “CK” frame features:

 “a double butted top & down tubes with gussets on both, and a heat treated head tube and rear end for max strength. Additional features include a newly designed Premium head tube, and an hourglass bottom bracket shell for daily Derek Dusters.

The CK has a 11.5” bb height, 75 degree head angle, an 13.75 chainstay to center. Weighing in at 5 pounds, with removable brake mounts/hardware, the CK is available in matte gold, matte silver, and matte black.

Sizes available are 20”, 20.5”, 20.8” and 21” with an MSRP of $369.99us.”


  1. Sr. lobo: Are you concerned that seeing others ride without helmets will influence you to ride without one? If this is such a serious concern for you, why allow yourself to be exposed to dangerous bmx videos where riders are likely to be riding bareheaded? Perhaps you should avoid such videos if you know they will incite in yourself a desire to not wear a helmet and/or start another helmet debate in another comments section.

    Please, think of the children.

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