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Whether it is their new shoes, lights, or now pumps, Serfas continues to expand their product line with premium products. In order to offer a pump worthy of being top of the line, the new FMP-969 and 900 pumps are crafted from CNC steel and aluminum parts designed to keep that mount of plastic to a minimum.

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Both pumps feature a durable metal barrel attached to a wide, stable metal base. Attached at the base is an oversize pressure gauge which reads up to the pump’s 260psi capacity. Pictured above is the 969’s rubber coated stainless steel hose, while the 900 hose keeps a standard rubber hose to keep the cost down. The other main difference between the two pumps pertains to the handle and pump shaft. The 969 receives an aluminum handle and shaft, and the 900 goes old school with a wooden handle attached to a smaller diameter shaft.

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To attach the hose to the valve of the tire, each pump has a simple threaded fitting with an adjustable dial for presta or schraeder. Simply turn the black dial to match P or S for the correct valve and thread it on. Each pump comes with a lifetime warranty on everything except standard wear parts (rubber o-rings and such) though replacement wear parts will be available for purchase from Serfas. The FMP-969 will carry a premium price tag of $120 for the premium pump, with the 900 slightly less at $90.

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New to Serfas’ eyewear collection is the White Gladiator which includes 4 interchangeable lenses in rose, brown, grey, and clear. The Gladiator frame is constructed from Grilamid TR-90 for durability and flexibility and includes an RX adapter for use of prescriptions up to 6,000 power.

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Gladiators are available now for $60 in Silver, Matte Black, and Gloss white.




  1. I’ve never come on here to join the peanut gallery, but damn, I really can’t get behind this company. All they’ve ever made is cheaper knock-off versions of cool products.

    I’ll see myself out now.

  2. @Nick

    Its more expensive ($120 vs. $99), has a different gauge, goes to 260psi vs. 220, has a different base, different handle, different hose/head. The only “knock-off” seems to be the tube, which I’ll take a wild guess…

    Lyzyne wasn’t the 1st to make a pump with an aluminum tube..but I could be wrong.

    @ RC perhaps if you washed your bi-focals gramps you could see the guage clearly.

    Do people on this site feel some compulsion to be (deleted) & controversial about even the most insignificant things? Its a friggin pump, buy one or just move along.

  3. How about a pump that has a gauge that goes to 120 psi and is actually accurate below 25psi. Also the thread on ends are great at backing out presta valves that have removable cores. While your at it why not put a button to bleed pressure in the handle.

  4. But what about reliability and durability? I quit using Serfas tires after killing one in 6 months (BTW the Forte tire on that bike is coming up on 3 years of service) and I don’t buy their lights because they fill up with water when it rains.

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